The Limbo

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The Manna from Mama

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It was a desolate afternoon. She sat on a pedestal under the tree, and I stood in the sun across the street. She didn't seem to notice me, as she opened the hooks of her blouse. I couldn't help but notice her... doing it. She was preoccupied with the sack resting on her lap; while I was burning, not just due to the hot sun above, but from something within.

The Mystery of Mastery

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This is a personal insight into how man, with his craving for mastery, differentiated himself from rest of the living world, reaching the pinnacle of all God’s creations. Of the two-fold destiny this journey has led into – every unravelled mystery opened doors to newer unknowns and the pursuit seems never-ending; also man’s knowledge grew faster than his maturity and hence the legend of mastery of the world is today a legacy of shameful abuse and misuse. At the end, lies an attempt to provide a direction for ‘course correction’ in the future.

The Sniper

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The most important thing to be a great sniper is neither stealth nor accuracy, it is patience. The ones who fall for stealth are the lame ones, actually. And they are so many around, and so shameless and careless that they are just not worth it. The tough targets - the real prized ones - are those that are aware and discerning, that take care not to be seen. It's they who test your patience.

The Pest

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There was chanting in the background, accompanied by an eerie tune that literally smelt of death. I watched the video with a grave grimace and a heart that throbbed one moment and sunk in another. I knew what was coming. It's become kinda usual in terrorist videos nowadays.

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