Rain, Rain, Go Away!

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Raju hid behind the banyan tree and watched the elders gathered around the sacred fire pouring ghee into it, while chanting the mantra as per the priests' direction. He cranked his neck to look at the piece of meat he had precariously hung over the branch right above the ritual fire. The meat was tied to a thread whose other end was in Raju's hand. He just had to tug it a little and the meat would fall into the fire, ruining the ritual and rendering all the villagers' efforts wasted.


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"Hey buddy, do you remember that football match we played on the terrace once? How irritated grandpa was that he couldn't get the ball. Man we had such a ball that day, isn't it?" Vikram looked at his son, expecting to see a chuckle; there was none. The kid seemed to be warming up though, so he went on, "and then last Diwali when we burst bombs at 5 A.M. to wake everyone up? Remember you insisted on the atom bomb and, man, how resounding it was?" Still not even a smile, leave aside the chuckle. He knew it was a difficult exercise to get his son back to how he was. He had tried for days with no result, but he didn't want to give up.

Tomorrow's Eve

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"Where am I to go, God?" Eve sighed as she looked up at the heavens, the place where she believed His voices were often heard from. Burly clouds hung about like huge tufts of moustache curled upon God's face. Every now and then the wind distorted their shapes as if His invisible hands twirled and twisted them in a mocking way.

The Noise Within

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Traffic at this junction was normal fare, and it was peak hour too. One bus was attempting a U-turn in the middle of the road and held everyone back. The driver tried to back-up a little so he can turn but an auto had wedged in the gap behind him, trying to make a quick run but had got stuck due to not enough space. The auto was honking for the bus to move forward, and the bus driver was shouting at the auto to back-up. Meanwhile another bus blocked the gap in front of him. Two cars tried to circumvent the mess by crossing over to the wrong side and an approaching bus blocked them there. More cars followed them and, as a result, they log-jammed the other side too. Each was asking the other to back-up, there was honking all around. I murmured a hasty curse at the undisciplined drivers while she sat pillion and silently watched.

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