"Better go ouch, than oink."

The lads were about to light the serpentine garland of crackers laid out in a neat line on the street when someone shouted them to stop. An ambulance was approaching and it was human to make way. The entire crowd of kids and immature adults stepped aside to let the shrieking vehicle pass along. Inside the ambulance, Nath craned his neck from his stretcher to catch a glimpse of the festive atmosphere outside, but the oxygen pipe they stuck on his face made it tough for him.
There was a husky sulking around the room. The body of the grand old lady, wrapped in gum-taped plastic sheets underneath a hastily wrapped silk-sari, lay in the middle, motionless, within the cooled glass enclosure to keep her from rotting in the summer heat. While the female relatives sighed and consoled each other, the men just stood around discussing hospital bills and funeral arrangements. The lady's daughter sat in the corner, her swollen eyes buried in her palms that couldn't hold her tears back. The son-in-law had gone out to get the priest, without whose supervision the body could not be cremated.
Go out at night and look up at the night sky. Experience its depth. It is not a canvas of shining stars that is waiting to enthral you; rather, it is a bottomless ageless void that is mocking at you. Mocking, not as in laughing to ridicule you, but to incite you to transform. To move beyond your limited and prohibitive human space, and enter its grandeur.
"I don't understand why they do it? It's disgusting. Don't they have any power to reason? Are they humans or bloody cockroaches?" he got up from her lap, as if in protest. He looked at the roof, avoiding looking at the fan which squeaked and creaked as if chuckling at his disgust. She let out a smile too, not mockingly but adoringly. She loved seeing him at the height of his passions.
As soon as the guests left, she grabbed his arm and dragged him to the terrace. "So all this while you were playing with me?" her breath trembled, with a mixture of anger and disgust.
His face was flush red - a mark of shame and/or guilt - "No, you should not say like that," he tried to helplessly explain, "how can you even use the word 'play'? Please don't make it sound like I exploited you."