Pray, enlighten me, please!

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In the whisper of the wind, I feel your caress;
In the softness of the bed, I feel your touch;
In the warmth of the blanket, I feel your hug.

Pray then, enlighten me please,
Why do I go to a temple looking for you?

Chor ki daadi main tinka

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"All arrested suspects given clean chit. Blast investigation remains unsolved. Police commissioner says they are pursuing fresh leads"
Ahmed Reshi walked out, stopped on the verandah and glanced over the dusty deserted street in front of the police station. Ahmed's mind was still blanked out; yet unconsciously he stroked his beard - the one thing he had been doing all that month. The words of the prison warden echoed in his ears. "No it was not your name Ahmed beta. It was the beard that they pounced on. You had a beard and you were running - That was it!

A Reason to Fall in Love

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Context: A man and woman cross each others' path

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