Idolized Love

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"Yes! I loved you, I love you, and always will. I don't know any of those different names or labels or types of love that they talk about. I am a lover, and I know just one love. The 'lover' that is the verb form of the one and only noun - 'Love'," exasperated he looked up at her. There was no response. She gazed blankly ahead.

The Burns

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As a child he would spend hours playing hide-n-seek in the phosphate mines. Every now and then a military jet would fly past, roaring its way at 2 to 3 Mach, and leaving a trail of icy smoke. He would run out of the mines to watch the jet, but all he would find is the smoke-trail, which appeared to him like a gigantic friendship band in the cloudless sky. And then he would beam a salute, with every hair on his body standing up to acknowledge the roar.
He burnt with desire, to leave the mines and fly those jets.

Puppy Love

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I fell in love with a prostitute, and now I don't know what to do.


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Some movies are made purely to entertain, some to make money, some with a focus on selfish career motives, while some are a burst of creativity. PK could have easily fallen into one of those brackets had it not simmered with an undertone of innocence that struggled with the hunger pangs of an unfinished journey. There are many defining moments in this movie, and all of those fall in the categories mentioned above, save for one -  the moment when innocence asks wisdom, "can you take me home?" This moment is the real reckoning for a filmmaker who is probably more than what he knows about himself.

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