"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

As yet another sun dawns to yet another chilly morning in Portland, Maine, I look around with half opened eyes. One thing reminds me that it is a Sunday morning. This is the only day when my roomie plays Kal Ho Na Ho songs as the clock strikes one.As Akhtar sahib's golden words percolate the consciousness... ".. Aaaj ek aasnu aur peelo... Aaaj ek zindagi aur jeelo... kya pata.. ".. I makes my own customization.. "Aaaj ek blog aur khol lo.. kya pata.. "

At this time, I am reminded of the bejewelled night sky that I beheld the previous night and the promise that I made to the dying stars of the dawn - That their death would not go a waste. The day they leave behind would not go unused. I would make each of them deserve their place in the sky. Guess, this was too dramatic an ending to a night that is followed by a morning that completely belied it. Guess I slept - a Charlton Heston - and woke up - a Jim Carrey.

Blogs! something that has been contemplated for a long time, but only recently got the steam to try it out. I have not tried to reason out any of these rapid developments, neither have I tried to curb my blog instincts. I have just tried to give an ear to the voices inside me and made a quick and dirty promise to myself... This journey of a thousand Blog entries hopefully begins with this first tap of the keyboard...

Hopefully, the thoughts permeating my being, my character will be aptly reflected in these words.. in these lines. Maybe some weight will be carried by the words, and some by the lines between them. Nevertheless, this draft right here shall represent the various seasons, tides and ebbs that my life would go through. All those frozen moments that individually may not make sense but put together crafted a life that was as exquisite as it deserved to be. Someday, when I look back upon my life, in retrospect, these words will surely attract a tear or two..

My Blog, My world.. 
Rummaged Ruminations of a volcanic mind,
Some noises from the deep, Some voices from behind..