"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

".. I would have died of sickness or injury. I knew time would consume me otherwise. I tried to take my own life sometimes. Vainfully though. Then a thought dawned on me.. like a warm blanket. I knew I had to live - for no reason or hope. I just had to continue breathing..."while Chuck Noland (played by Tom Hanks in Castaway) spilled the above beans I could not help but contemplate. Life takes us all on a nice big ride. And we like herding sheep, flow to where the tide of life takes us.

When Chuck gets ship-wrecked on a deserted island, we all sympathize with him. We rise as he shines in the eternally triumphant human spirit and fights his way to survival. It sure is inspiring to learn that Castaway was a true story.

One apt depiction of human emotion was the scene when Chuck manages to dislodge himself from the shore and strays afloat towards life.. towards meaningful existence... towards fellow habitation. But he turns around once.. to catch one fleeting glimpse of the island that was his home for the few days that he would remember all his life. To bid a final farewell to all those grains of sand which will bear his footprints for a long time to come.

Isn't something similar happening to us everyday? Don't we get into newer frontiers of life.. first hesitating.. then taking it in our stride.. and finally whimpering as we move on?When I first flew onsite, I carried a lot of homesickness with me along with butterflies in my stomach. I wondered why I should accept change when things were going so fine. But then time ran me over and I started strolling along... along with numerous others that had arrived before me. I learnt the ways of life here, invented some for my own comfort. Now I am enjoying it.. and I am at the position again when I have to accept a change. I have to fly back to my roots. My home country. And I can imagine the day when my flight flies out of US airspace and I would throw a final glimpse at everything that I had taken for granted. Everything that I so easily blended into. Everything that accepted me as a part of it.

On same lines, something similar happens with life itself. When we come into this world, we are all cries and tears. Like we have been pushed into this being... against our wishes. Then we start living. We take changes in our stride. We accept everything that comes along our way. We change some that we do not want to accept. Finally, a day comes when we have to leave this all. And then we get back to crying and shouting again... They say when a man is dying, his entire life flashes in front of his eyes. He catches one quick glimpse of all that he did.. of everyone that influenced his life... of all the footprints that he left in the sands of time...