"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

I read an interview of peace activist cum lawyer from - Shirin Ebadi. Nobel Laureates (and some of theirs unrecognized peers) are the apostles of their era. They are the milestones that define the turning points in every epoch – the twists that redefine the course of mankind’s destiny. One of her responses caught my eye, "... There is a verse in Quran - God swears by time. Anything you gain in life, you pay for with your time. Time is the most important thing that has been given to man. This inspires me because it reminds me how short our time here is..."

“Don’t squander time. It is the stuff that life is made of”

Time is really one single entity – there is nothing like an instance of it that runs for everyone. This is precisely the reason an equipment like a Time Machine is logically impossible. Neither is the possibility of someone having a remote that can ‘freeze’ the world. Though each of us calls it ‘my time’, it still is the same instant of existence that is shared by one and all. Every particle of this universe partakes in it. Nonetheless, I do get (highly) irritated when someone/something keeps me waiting. I can never accept the fact (easily, of course) that I have to waste my time so that someone else can use his.
Most of us take time for granted. There have been some instances in my life when I had to ‘kill’ time. And there have been instances when it did not matter “how much time it took”. I thought it was a good deal when I bought a Television with something free with it. I totally ignored the time it took for me to travel back to the dealer to claim the free stuff on another day. The time that I could have spent gardening or cooking or reading or just talking to my family. Though it may seem too frivolous, I am trying to get back to what Koran is stressing through Shirin – Whether you get a good deal or not, whether you win or lose in the end, whether you are rich or poor, you still pay for all your actions with your time.

Time stops at nothing… for nothing. In the equation of life, time plays a weirdo because it is a known factor in the sense that it is always there but it is also an unknown because no one can predict how much. Time is both abstract and palpable. It’s a force that knows no boundaries, no limits, no direction and its a responsibility that weights so heavily on our lives that our actions better be causal and never casual.