"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood.." ...and I did not think much neither do I remember which one I took, but I know that has made a lot of difference.

"Just imagine what Columbus would have discovered if America had not got in the way!"

The Columbus analogy draws a very subtle picture of potential and accomplishment. Even if the whole world lauds one's achievement, it could be far disparate from what one really wanted to achieve... what one was capable of... I had met a very accomplished personality at one point who had a very happy family, smart kids, loving wife and a very powerful job. Everybody he knew was proud of him, except himself. Somewhere deep inside he used to want to always do something else. He used to tell me it was to be a mathematics school teacher, but I am sure that was not "exactly" what he wanted though I could sense the feeling.

The world has a pre-conceived notion of what life should be. An accepted set of rules to measure the success of one's life. And it is this that breaks some divine journeys well short of their success. We all tend to measure ourselves up with the yardstick that is set by the convention. Even the ones who call themselves radicals, are eventually just following a convention less followed.

Why can't each one of us just have their own rules of living their life. It is true that SURVIVAL is the ultimate goal and there are some basic tenets of having to live in this world. In order to survive, everyone has to go through one of the set paths. So, then is it being a human that stops us from venturing out in the wild? Even though we are the most intelligent of beings, dont we really have the freedom to use that intelligence?

Can't we see life in a totally different perspective? Not have a yardstick to measure at all, not have standards to live up to, not have conventions to follow? Can't each of be free to take the path of our choice when we reach the cross-road of life?

Alas! the paths that we can see are the ones that have been tread upon by others. In that case, do we really have to choose a "path"?