"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

First of all - this is not a book review. Its just a small vent of thoughts before I get on to the more serious book that I had abandoned in between. Given the mystery storyline, I obviously cannot delve into the story per se. Its certainly a mean thing to leak crucial details and spoil the fun for rest of the readers. Being an aspiring author myself, I always have two resolutions. Always acknowledge the hard-work and focus that goes into a literary creation; And NEVER buy pirated prints - it is an insult to the art of writing-publishing itself.

I picked up this Sidney Sheldon novel as a break from what I had been reading for sometime. I was actually in the middle of 'Freedom at Midnight' when I took this break. I was so eager to get back to the latter, that I completed this book in two solar days. A personal record at that time. But I should admit that the gripping nature of the novel also held me in its sway.

The book reminded me of a movie that I had seen, but am not sure which of them came out first. I did not find any particularly informative details in it and I also felt that at most parts I could pretty well guess what lay around the next corner (the next twist!). I could even guess the climax which left me a very satisfied reader. A nice lingering taste in the mouth.:)

All in all a nice book to read ONCE. Am sure will be a treat to Sidney Sheldon fans. About me - I dont seem to get into the groove with thrillers/sci-fi novels. For now, I would get back to reading real life events and biographies.I am sure the next time I pick up a Sidney Sheldon novel will be when I totally forget that I had ever read a novel of his before. I just hope it will not be a 'Tell me your dreams" again!