"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

I see "4" everywhere. I see it on everyone's 'four'head - its at the 'four'front of all my thoughts. All  four quarters of the day in all four corners of my mind there is just one aim - how do I bring 'four'th the "4" to the fore!!

This is really just a very casual light-hearted post. I would type this as I think along and probably would not visit back to correct or refine. It was just one of those usual competitions they announced at office. A short story writing contest to mark some 4th anniversary (hence the "4" based theme). I have pondered over such stuff in the past and have wanted to jump in but lethargy just got the better of me. This time round I am doing this as I desperately need to overcome my writer's block. I haven't even wondered what the prize for the winner is. Probably winning is a long shot for me.. or probably price (of not trying) matters more than the prize. I hope not to fail myself this time!

Should I weave something involving four friends going in four directions, or maybe something around 4th of July and independence, or maybe something like the Four Muscateers - four things not to do in Muscat, or what about the 4 a.m. paranormal activity in the 4th house on 4th street of 24 Paraganas? Go figure...

01/31 Update : The usual stuff. Writers block!