"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

I see "4" everywhere. I see it on everyone's 'four'head - its at the 'four'front of all my thoughts. All  four quarters of the day in all four corners of my mind there is just one aim - how do I bring 'four'th the "4" to the fore!!

This is really just a very casual light-hearted post. I would type this as I think along and probably would not visit back to correct or refine. It was just one of those usual competitions they announced at office. A short story writing contest to mark some 4th anniversary (hence the "4" based theme). I have pondered over such stuff in the past and have wanted to jump in but lethargy just got the better of me. This time round I am doing this as I desperately need to overcome my writer's block. I haven't even wondered what the prize for the winner is. Probably winning is a long shot for me.. or probably price (of not trying) matters more than the prize. I hope not to fail myself this time!

Should I weave something involving four friends going in four directions, or maybe something around 4th of July and independence, or maybe something like the Four Muscateers - four things not to do in Muscat, or what about the 4 a.m. paranormal activity in the 4th house on 4th street of 24 Paraganas? Go figure...

01/31 Update : The usual stuff. Writers block!
"Yaar! I have told you two thousand twelve times by now not to dwell on those doomsday prophecies."
"Yah but just think.. there is still some time left and its so strange that I can't even think of two thousand and twelve fun things to do by then.."

Its a mixed bag. Even without any prediction its quite obvious to common sense that our society is heading towards some kind of disaster. Our holy scriptures too indicate how the current eon (yuga) will finally cycle on to the next phase. A transition of the very reality of our survival is imminent yet how the turnover will actually happen is something thats fun to know through prophecies.

Reality stings me when I see so much corruption all around. Greed, short-sightedness, narrow frame of mind, lack of civilized prudent decision making - all ingredients leading up to a multiple fractured society, as we know it. When I see glimpses of pure and pristine world in the freshness of early morning dew, in the vibrancy of a rainbow, in the austere silence of the mountains, in the innocence of an infant's smile, in the serenity of soft wind rustling through dried leaves on a quiet sunday afternoon, I can't help but wonder why these cannot linger on forever. Why do I get thrust back into the big bad world of crowds, garbage, dog-eat-dog competition, unnecessary hurry, unreasonable ambitions, meaningless rituals? Is God playing video game with the world (some ultimate doom kind of game) and we all are merely puppets in it? Is God being a shepherd, ushering us all sheep together, mutely overseeing us without worrying about our nature as our destiny will be to end being dead meat someday? or Is God focusing on each one of us, showing us both sides of the coin so we can choose the one that suits us? Is the end of the world so real? Frustrated moods sometimes make me think its necessary.

It was certainly not these thoughts why I went to the movie 2012, maybe it was the funny curiosity towards prophecies. If its was a Ron Howard or Robert Zemeckis movie then I could claim I saw it just for its director. This one did not have enticing reviews either, yet I couldn't fathom why all weekend shows were sold out all over Hyderabad. The gang of wifey's folks I set out with was hell bent to watch it on that Saturday and hence we did something totally 'out of the box' (even the rest of the gang wouldn't guess it). We watched the movie dubbed in Telugu (and sadly for me - without subtitles) as those were the only tickets we could grab. Once inside, it was something of an experience to see the white-skins and red-necks mouthing the Andhra language. Not sure of the English version, but with Telugu I suddenly felt so much cackle around that I wasn't surprised the earth began to shake under such heavy lingo. The US President suddenly appeared like a local leader doling out a state assembly speech. No offense to the language or its people, but the end of the world seemed so welcoming because I felt it brought in a much needed silence. I guess I would have felt the same had I seen the movie in any Indian language. Indians have become so noisy lately... If they want you to listen to them, they wouldn't mind telling the same thing two thousand and twelve times, if needed!