"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

Have thought so much about trekking and hiking, the least I could do was... Biking! Have this gorgeous cruiser thats so well taken care of - it must be itching to go on that long drive.. cruising through our 'nayi naveli' National Highways, out of the bustle and cacophony of city roads, to a treat (I know this is weird) of treaded rubber scrubbing over molten tar. Sadly I didn't have that MP3 player to listen to some invigorating music and instead a partner who kept complaining the rear seat was small and the shocks so hard. But still the poor thing kept struggling to sit pillion all along.. kept shifting from side to side to avoid the 'stiffness of the back, numbness of the bottom'. But what the hell... when the road beckons, the wind howls in your ears, its time to leave reality behind.

Two trips I embarked on recently have served a good warm-up. First was a roundabout trip to Mysore, a total of 350kms over two days. Turned out more fatigue then fun. Maybe because it was the first time. Obviously that was not to deter us at all. Second was a complete road-trip to Belur-Halebid temples, a total of 500 kms over roughly 3 days. This was definitely a treat as it was more interior roads than highways. So the bumpy roads, for a change, did help to keep our bottoms massaged.

The real flavor of these drives is the serenity that engulfs as one enters the countryside. Village roads are so peaceful - either with lush pleasant greenery of both sides or simple sweet village-folk going about their leisure lives. You just cant beat that feeling of taking off the headgear and driving through those by-lanes and driving ever so slowly to take care not to disturb the peace and calm of those paradises in Nature's laps. I am happy Karnataka is one of those states with a size-able green patch left.. especially around those Western Ghats region.

Next trip will be roughly 600 km roundtrip to a tad drier place called Shimoga. Date not decided. Only complaint is it does not touch the ghats which I have grown so fond of by now.