"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) lets you make logical decisions while using reasoning and judgement. Emotional Quotient (EQ) is more powerful as it can make the IQ ineffective during uncontrolled emotional periods. But over and above this all is the Spiritual Quotient (SQ) - the third factor which was recently discovered and is being heavily researched today - as it forms the fundamental basis on which our entire sense of reality rests. SQ provides those reflective and introspective traits to a person through which he looks at life in a primitive way and keeps him intimate with his self. A person with good IQ and EQ but no SQ can be successful in life by virtue of his material accomplishments but he would always have that missing link, that missing something, which will never give him a wholesome feeling until he is convinced that he has achieved what he wanted to. A person with good SQ, no matter his IQ and EQ, always the purpose of his actions, a meaning in his thoughts and as a result he always strives to do what is right and correct for his conscience. This leads him to have a blissful and satisfied life. When IQ and EQ add over the SQ, its the icing on the cake, and such a person can give light to the entire society.

This weekend was far more satisfying than any before. A full-hearted visit to the local ISKCON temple and lucky to get a complimentary pass for a weekend spiritual course. They tell about 'Art of Controlling the Mind', 'Spiritual Quotient', Self-Confidence and Yoga. I wouldn't say it was a transformation but it was something of a kick-start. I am looking for a drastic spiritual change in my life. I am not ready for such penance yet. Purification is what I need. I want my mind to calm down, stop being restless and whimsical. I want it to attain clarity and build focus. I want the mind to work with me and start walking in the right direction. I have always felt the need of a spiritual master or a philosophical guide for this help but as I am only taking the first baby-steps, maybe the courses are the way to go!

They have given us a 7-day challenge. I want to be determined in taking it up. I want to do the mantra chanting 2 times everyday and see how it changes it.. how it helps me! I wont jump to a conclusion on this one. I will first try it out with full heart - suspend all judgement - and just go with the flow. No harm in doing that. Maybe I will see a change that will help me.. Maybe I will start seeing some silver lining in mind covered by grey and dark clouds today.. Maybe I need to do that basic cleansing so I can be ready for my guru who I am very confident is waiting for me somewhere! Amen!