"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

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Life, they saw, is sometimes like a jigsaw puzzle. For one, none of us has the big picture that one needs to effectively put the pieces together. But is it really that straight-forward? Do the pieces really pertain to one single image or alternately does one really get hold of all the pieces needed to complete his 'one' image of life? Guess there is more to life's collage than just pieces put together. May be the pieces are like carrots tied to the stick of disillusionment.. May be its all an illusory perception like images on some mental screen and truly there is no picture after all!

Our time immemorial heritage tell us of Destiny and Will-power - the two horns to catch the bull of life with (or maybe the two rails that the train of life runs over). Destiny could make it nearly useless to ponder over life's questions. Will is the intent, passion and courage to act. While Destiny is supposed to be the canvas of life, Will dictates the picture that shades over it. I still don't quite understand this intricate working of Destiny and Will-power, but at the least they bring some order to my mostly chaotic introspection.

Coming to the point (of the picture above), Destiny could be something pre-written and hence have milestones already defined in our life. A lot of things that happen to us and situations that life leads us into are already mapped by our Destiny (that we supposedly carry by virtue of being a soulful entity that partakes onto this lawfully governed universe) but I strongly feel that there is still scope for us to chart out the intricacies. Mostly Destiny works for our benefit but strictly in the long run. Whether we Will or not, the result will be good in the end. But when we power our lives through our own free Will, we achieve those short term successes. When God wills, he creates Destiny. When Man wills, he creates Life. All our lives are destined to be good, we just need the right eye to see the favorable intent of God.

When one gets into 'seemingly' ugly or sad situations, it is just a hurdle that has to be crossed to get to a higher level. Now, if one never acted on with Will but still got into that situation then just grin and bear it. He who brought you to it, will take you through it. Its only under very high pressure and temperature that Carbon becomes Diamond. If one acted with Will and yet got into that ugly situation, then the only key to realize God's grace is Patience. Whatever happens, happens for good. Just wait.. Just Will!

"Hamare filmon ki tarah, hamari zindagi main bhi end main sab kuch theek hi hota hai... Aug agar kuch theek nahi hai toh... kahani abhi khatam nahi hui... picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.."