"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

It was my first time at the coffee joint around the corner. Decided to try it alone as I needed a lonely moment. Funnily, more than the menu I got interested in the couple next table. I managed to order a weird kind of coffee, but couldn't manage to decipher the nature of this couple. They held hands like lovers, but looked at each other like good friends. Their gestures made them look like strangers to each other. From their conversation I overheard, they seemed forlorn buddies regrouped by a common tragedy...

The Boy (fondling a paper napkin) : "Maybe its only us, but it seems like the whole world is crying. How could this happen to both of us? Why did she leave me? Did I screw-up in the beginning or along the way?"

The Girl : "Look at me! I was doing much better than you. I loved him so much. My parents doted on him. Why couldn't he recognize that? Why did he have to be so careless and irresponsible? I was getting suffocated living with that specimen yet I put up with him.. until the wretched fool decided to move on."

Boy (still fondling the napkin) : "I am sad for you. Maybe we should have married each other. I guess this love thing didn't work for both of us. Maybe I could have expressed better to you. I just could not connect with her. Either I am too complicated or just too messed up."

Girl : "I am not sure of you, but he was just silly. I don't know how I got fooled into falling for such dumbo. He didn't like his job, yet he kept slogging at his office. At home, he would get tired and just go to sleep. He was probably not interested in me anymore. And on top of it.. his over-possessive parents"

Boy : "Most of the time I didn't know how to react to her ways. Sometimes I felt I was going too fast and sometimes like I was going nowhere. Every inspiration that I found came with a time-bomb planted inside it. I suppressed my confusion and tried to go with the flow most of the time but when you feel you are losing control of your life, you start getting into depression. I dont know if you felt that anytime.."

Girl : "Why not? I too felt I was losing control. Thankfully my mom opened my eyes just in time.."

The phone rings. While the girl is answering the call, the boy started scribbling something on the napkin.

Girl : "It was my mom. Thank God I have her. She understands me so well. I wish I find a guy just like her very soon.. Please pray for me! Talk to you later bye.."

The girl hurriedly walked out. The guy watched her leave, maybe he expected her to turn back and throw a final glance or wave a bye! A little while later, with a blank look on his face he left too. Before the waiter came to clean up, I dared to stretch myself and pick the napkin that he had been writing on..

It read.. "I know I haven't been a good guy, but with a bit of help I think I could have been one. She tried to help me, but maybe I didn't express myself well enough for her to get me the right medicine. I wish our love hadn't left us before we left each other."

I have always believed that coffee keeps you awake. With that napkin in hand, I kept pondering how this coffee experience is going to awaken me..