"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

You never judge a book by its cover, but in the first place many a book would have been picked purely on the basis of its outward appearence. Walk into any big book shop and you find a myriad collage of countless books. If your mind is already set on a particular book then you head straight for it and pick it up (irrespective of how its cover is designed) but if you are a window shopper who is just looking around for something interesting then there are high chances you will reach out to the ones that have a cover designed to stand out in some way. For instance, I remember this kid who would only pick books with 3-D covers.

Today's world is a big book shop and we are all colorful books adorning its shelves. Walking and talking books with chapters upon chapters of experiences and expectations. Some books fall in specific categories while some are just sundry. Some are untouched and crispy new, while some have been through many hands and have torn pages underneath. Some books have printing or filing errors with text and pages all jumbled up - sometimes impossible to be reorganized back too. There are also specimen from both underworlds - artefacts conjured up with scattered bits of random paper trying to present themselves like books; and artefacts which are books in reality but have been through accidents, which completely stole their identity as books altogether. A lot of the books have the same chapters and same lines repeating again and again which make you feel there was a filing error, while some books have chapters that end so abruptly you feel the last pages were probably torn off. There is a big section on spirituality too - but sadly this is a highly misplaced section. Its only after you pick up and read that you realize most of the books dont really belong there. Unfortunately there is no authority book in the spirituality section though there are a few gems scattered here and there. And finally.. there are the cheerful books with colorful pictures and happy ending stories, these are the books with 3-D covers.

In this world of books, its mostly our covers which distinguish us from the rest. There are a few books that get picked even if they are not flashy, those are the niche ones and cater only to the reader with specific tastes. For the usual window shopper, its only the cover that matters. Our resume is our cover and how much we get noticed purely depends on how we design and present our CV (short for CoVer). Its a huge book shop out there with millions of books jostling for shelf space and quite understandably, there is rat-race among books to make their covers as glossy and attractive as possible. Every CV is burnished to make it look high-profile (Hi-Fi, in common parlance) and in that attempt it does not matter even if the facts are twisted to nearly falsifying levels. There may be a cover out there which is genuinely classy but its quickly drowned beneath a sea of imitations. We are today in a market-place where nothing is illegitimate and the only drive, aim and focus is to make oneself as saleable as possible. Everyone wants a CV that demands attention, much like the 3D book covers, no matter even if the additional dimensions lack elements of genuine disposition.

Everything is fair in love, war and a CV.