"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

Alien Kid : Wow! the ship is so awesome.
Old Alien : Don't jump around too much, let it grow into you. And avoid the outskirts.. there no gravity out there.
Alien Kid : Hey! Isn't that the blue berry you told me about? Where the funny creatures live right?
Old Alien : Yeah! don't peep so hard out of the window. Come inside and look at my screen here... (after a pause and some excited noises from the kid) They used to call it Earth. Not sure if they still call it the same, those crazy beings! Now, make sure you watch them just for fun and not learn anything from them.. even by mistake. Their habits are precarious..
Alien Kid : So what do they do? why do you say they are crazy?
Old Alien : Because they spend years searching for life throughout the universe, while losing respect for life on their own planet. They invent new things so fast that they never have time to settle down with what they have. They have a handy tool called Science which they like to use to make their life secure but finally end up living in paranoia and use it to scare each other. They have another tool called God which they use as a shield when Science doesn't work for them.
Alien Kid : Hey.. wait until they see my tool - the Zorg Eliminator. I will fire my lasers and destroy them. Wham wham wham!!
Old Alien : But why would you want to destroy them? They didn't do anything to you..
Alien Kid : Not to me, but I can see they are spoiling my blue-berry.
Old Alien : Don't worry - they are not strong enough to spoil your berry. The best thing about them is that they are self-destructive. We can just sit here and watch the fun. They have so much of intelligence that they dont let their humility and patience control it. Their smartness has driven them so crazy about progress and growth that they dont know where to stop, and with every passing moment they are pushing their limits to a point of no-return. They have created an ecosystem where each of them fights a daily battle of survival. And finally they become they so battle-hardy that its easy for them to embark on bigger and bigger wars..
Alien Kid : And how long should I wait for it? Will that happen soon? When will I get my berry for myself?
Old Alien : Oops, Patience kid.. Did you forget our foremost rule - Real life is beyond all time!
Alien Kid : Oh sorry. Hurry brings worry.. I will just wait and watch. They started the lessons only recently and I am still practising. But one day, I will become like you - I will get beyond all sense of time and live life purely in dimensions of realization and imagination.
Old Alien : Yeah.. and at that point, you wouldn't really care how blue is your berry anymore!