"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

As a toddler, he had drowned in the bathtub. When the mother found him, he was half unconscious and water had seemingly filled his lungs. The neighbors thought he was a 'gone case' but a miracle happened.. frantic back-rubs had coughed him back to life..

When he was nearly ten, he had got lost in the crowd. The family had been on an outing and he had slipped out of his mother's grip. They had panicked and searched for him in the bustle of the big fair. The family thought he was a 'gone case', but a miracle happened.. they found him standing at the same store where he had cried so much for the toy car.

When he was a teenager, he was sent on his first inter-city trip.. alone! The relatives who were supposed to receive him did not turn up on time and a drunk stranger had offered to give him a ride. When the relatives came, they didn't find him and heard he had been taken. His relatives thought he was a 'gone case', but a miracle happened.. when they went home they found the stranger had actually dropped him correctly at the right address.

At college, he had falsely got dragged into a dispute with a lecturer and was called to the principal's office to face disciplinary action. His friends thought he was a 'gone case', but a miracle happened.. the lecturer had had a change of mind and had relieved him even before matters went to the head office.

When finishing college, he had all the good marks but no confidence to face interviews due to his stammering. His project guide had stepped up at the last moment to convince him with the simple truth that his disorder was more a block in the mind than any real disability and this counselling had hugely corrected his confidence. His teachers thought he was a 'gone case', but a miracle happened... He was the first person to be placed in his batch.

At work, he had had a few distractions. He had hastily jumped into relationships and had strayed away from the right direction. He committed some serious blunders and had been put on line for observation and a possible lay-off from his job. His colleagues thought he was a 'gone case', but a miracle happened... the world had gone into recession and his managers had lost focus on him and he had escaped through the "back door"..

Since then he had had an exciting career - working his way up the ladder, received accolades for various jobs well done, been admired for his creative skills and earning a small fortune for himself. He had been the pride of his family and a respected member of the community. He had been a role-model for his youngsters until one day his fate had taken a sharp turn.

He had told his friends that for many days he had started feeling like a dead body lying in a graveyard called society and his material achievements had created expectations which, like vultures, were nibbling away at his soul. He had succumbed to a crazy thought which he said 'was required to come out of the hollowness within'. He had had strange delusions of reality and had left everything and walked out in search of the truth. Everyone, now, thinks he is a 'gone case' but.. hasn't a miracle already happened?