"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

"Carrom Ramvanu, Juice Pivanu, Majja ni Life.. " - Munnabhai, M.B.B.S

Humor is the spice of life, Happiness its essence. All our efforts in life are like streams which eventually run towards the ocean of Happiness at the bottom of which, lies pearls of joy hidden in oysters of pleasure-filled moments - moments of togetherness, moments of success.

But then, we see incidents today that confuse the idea of what happiness is all about. Is happiness just superficial today? If not, then why does the whole world think Money is the root of happiness? what happiness is a suicide bomber seeking in his mission? What bliss do people living in slums achieve by bearing dozens of kids? How is happiness connected to beauty pageants, fashion trends and high-profile parties? What is the joy in watching a horror movie or a murder mystery? Is there pleasure in enjoying a non-veg meal while being aware that a life was killed for it? What joy do we achieve in taking our kids to the zoo and teaching them to enjoy the sight of caged wild animals? Is a higher paying job necessarily leading to a more happy life?

Where is the real "Majja ni Life" in today's times?