"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

Much hyped match, they compared it to a war, all eyes of the nation focusing on it, a million hearts beating as one, every small victory is cheered vociferously and finally... WE WON! Cricket is one game that unites all Indians. People from different walks of life were there to celebrate in unison. Joy rained down all corners.

There will be parties all night. People will be on the streets - drinking, eating and dancing to loud music. The next morning all streets will be littered with wine bottles, snack leftovers and cigarette butts. For next few days, school kids are going to trip on them. But never mind... WE WON!

We like noise in our celebrations. There were crackers bursting late into the night. The unlucky street-mongrel again had a bomb tied to its tail and running around haplessly to the joy of the excited youth. A few rockets went astray scaring the hell out of unsuspecting families. But never mind.. WE WON!

There was talk of war on the pitch. Fans on both sides put slogans intimidating one another. Pre-match statements swore of revenge. Emotions run so high that additional security needed at the venue. Is this going to help the peace process between the countries in any way? But never mind.. WE WON!