"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

Yesterday night, I slept in a quasi-miserable state. A cramping rumbling in my tummy, a sprain in my left shoulder, numbed heels, slight headache, light fever and a kind of strange shivering inside my body. Even on days with a some activity, I get pretty famished by end of the day. I didn't know when I dozed off to sleep but the last thing I remember was worrying about how to start the next day in such a bad state. Come the next morning, and I get up like a newly blossomed flower, the ill-being of previous night feels like a passing dream. There are no traces of tiredness and I am bursting at my seams yet again... I am sure all of us have been through this experience, personally!

What miracle happened at night to resurrect me like this? They say the Night is a dangerous place, its darkness is the haunt of evil spirits. By nature humans are afraid of the dark; we can see it programmed in new born babies too. All synonyms of the word 'Dark' are negative in connotation; its even equated to death sometimes. How could I, then, pass by this grievous passage and come out fresh and sparkling? In the morning, Why do I feel so light and mentally cleaned-up?

Was the 'Dark of the Night' like 'The Ark of a Knight' that ferried me across an ocean of soulful refreshment? Do I really have to be afraid of it at all?

Christianity, which borrowed tid-bits of its mysticism from the religions of the East, has a beautiful concept of darkness - "Faith and Intellect complement each other but they are also independant of each other. God can be reached only by pure Faith. Intellect can help in that journey only to a certain extent. There comes a point where the Human Soul, listening to the call of the Divine, draws away from its intellect, on the basis of pure Faith, without, however, being able to see God. At this point the Soul enters into a Darkness called as 'The Cloud of Unknowing'. This state is the birth of mysticism cultimating in ecstatic love. This Darknes, which envelops the divine, is due to the utter transcendence of the divine essence" (St.Gregory of Nyssa - a Greco-Christian priest from 4th cent. B.C.)