"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

Dad: Its late buddy. You should go to your room now. Me and mom have to get up early isn't it?

Kid : I am sorry daddy. But can you please answer one last question for me? I promise I will sleep after that.
Dad: Sure buddy. what is it?
Kid: What is the Big Bang dad? My teacher says that all life came out of it? How is it possible?

Dad: Oh! Big questions troubling this little brain huh? Let me explain... In the beginning there was nothing. Nobody cared for nobody. You get that?
Kid: Yes. Teacher said there was empty space.
Dad: Riiiiight! There was that space - dark, empty space. Somewhere in that darkness, two kinds of matter, or let me say, like a Male matter and a Female matter, came together. As they came very close, their attraction became very strong. The male energy erected to a peak, while the female energy opened up for the merging. They concentrated their energies onto one point. As the merging got deeper, and more pressure was thrust, a lot of heat was generated... and suddenly in one hot moment, there was an explosion. That is the Big Bang and that point became the womb from where life was born...

Kid: But how can life be born out of that, Dad? I still don't get it.
Dad: Don't worry, son. You will know it when you get married.. go on now! good night!

Mom: And I thought you spoke double-meaning only with me..