"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

"Give me something I can believe in.” This is what I was told by a good friend, with the kind of expression that you cannot turn away from. A sombre look. Since then, I have seen this sombre look again and again. I have seen it in the eyes of the few people gathered in Detroit, drinking whiskey at 2 p.m., standing between abandoned houses. In the silence of the empty streets of what was once a city benefiting from a flourishing economy, people seemed to be telling the world, “Give me something I can believe in
Celine Monnier - in the editorial of the latest Globethics.net newsletter

Celine goes on to write about how this new-found hunger amongst the populace is causing ripples across the world, in backyards where the voice of the mass had hitherto never found such reverberations - the Arab world fighting against its rulers and America against its bankers. Maybe humanity is finally coming of age.. or maybe the age of Humanity is finally coming!

I remember seeing a caricature, where the letter 'P' was sulking its heart out, as the four worst plagues of our civilization start with it - Poverty, Pollution, Population and Politics. The latest mass revolutions are trying to bring sanity into the political world, but what about the other three? Methinks those three need more volition and evolution, than revolution.

Our population touched 7 billion recently, and I dare say it looked like a 'celebration' because I saw pictures of a proud dad in the news-stands, holding a certificate announcing it. The TRP crazy media made a celebrity out his baby. On the contrary, I thought at least one dad had something not to be so proud about. Its like a patient gallantly announcing, 'I am the billionth AIDS patient in the world'. If you give him a certificate, maybe he will proudly hold it for the newspaper too. Yes! God hath said unto us "to go forth, and multiply", but did he mean to do it in this animalistic fashion? To such an extent that all his other creations get overwhelmed? So much so, its begun to look like God's advice was probably mis-interpreted. God had used the word 'multiply' in the context of 'flourish', which probably did not make sense to a 'hasty' human intelligence, who is taking it in the direction to 'perish'.

Population is at the core of many of our issues today, in fact, the other two P's (Poverty and Pollution) can't be eradicated until Population is controlled. States have undertaken actions like family planning, sterilization clinics, etc, but none of it work effectively as long as the 'basic urge to multiply' is inscribed in our blood. We have shown a certain level of our intelligence in the latest revolutions, but we have to take it to the 'next level' now. Its those times where controlling our basic instinct in itself needs to become a part of living an ethical life. If we dont control our numbers and keep infesting the planet like rodents in a warehouse, it wont be long before our planet would crush under the sheet weight of our 'heady presence'.

Latest news shows that we have successfully stood as one force against our rulers; its time now that we rose to stand up again, this time against the ultimate ruler, our own minds, and bring forth a revolution that gives our race something to believe in, something that brings us back to the definition of being God's greatest creation.