"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

"When I told my students to learn everything by heart, I actually wanted them to put their heart in whatever they do and experience it as far as possible, and never meant that they should blindly memorize it." - A Teacher

Life is lived by experience. Elders often say, there is no substitute for experience. Experience is the fine line that separates Life from Living. In this age, where information is money and time is everything, people who live a fast paced life will not feel a sense of completeness until they relish the experience of whatever they do. This is where even the normal paced (and like me, the slow paced) ones too can enjoy life - experiencing every moment to its fullest. Dont let anything pass you by without experiencing it.

Knowledge can take the horse to the water and can even make it drink, but only experience makes it taste the sweetness and ultimately quench the thirst.

Live your life by the heart (i.e. by experience) and not by the purse. Experience, when the heart is fully involved, is a realm that does not distinguish on any basis. Its a fullness of goodness. Living life by experience also gives a sanity to it and removes all man-made differences. For eg, a rich man can afford costly cuisine in a star restaurant while a man of limited means eats at the roadside dhaba - but as long as they enjoy their food, their experiences are equal. When you live by the heart, you live life to the max. In a life, where we are constantly running, either to catch-up on or to out-run others, stopping to experience is that moment, like a pit-stop, when we come out of the race. Even though one may have access to unlimited resources, one can only experience what is within one's human limits. One can order a hundred dishes but will be able to eat only a tummy-full. Experience happens to everyone - even a handicapped or paralyzed person on the bed can experience the happiness he needs to. My friends who went sky-diving and bungee-jumping tell me how they can't "express the feeling" in words. Throw a paralyzed person from a plane and I bet he will have the same "inexpressible feeling" too. No pun intended!

When I say experience, I dont mean the mere sensual experiences which can be quite deceiving and addicting (No, I am not in support of addiction). Its the world of the heart - somewhat different from the normal aspects of living. An elevated level that, for a moment, takes one beyond the dimensions of space and time.

Experience is a teacher next, first its a faculty of life. Joy is when dreams and desires are converted into experiences. Even religion is driven by experience - mystical experience of ecstasy in the West and experience of realization in the East. The mind wills and the heart experiences.

There is a sense of happiness in pure Experience. Lets enjoy God's beautiful world with all the heart and not ruin it in pursuit of goods of temporary pleasure and pretentious worth. Lets recognize the beat of our hearts and listen to what it says to us. Lets live by the heart, and do it before our hearts stop beating forever..

"Oh God! Thanks for making the heart muscle involuntary, else people would have died younger" - on the tomb of a child that died of cardiac arrest.