"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

GurujiThat's what Happiness is meant, In living the present moment...

How is it possible master? How can I not think of my past? The years that I have lived has taught me so many lessons. Shouldn't I use that knowledge to be cautious in my present day? I have good memories that I like to cherish and it makes me feel good. How can I just let it go?

GurujiWhy fetter yourself with wounds indolent? Detach and fly into the present moment...

Agreed that the past also comes with a huge baggage of painful experiences. In fact, I do feel I recall the pains more than the pleasures. Someone said the past is like a snake that coils around you and strangles you one fine day.

But what about the future then? How can I live without knowing where I am going to? Can I drive my car aimlessly without having a destination to go to? A kite without its thread flutters aimlessly. What's the point in not having a plan?

GurujiAnxiety, is what the futures foment. Just sway in the present moment...

Hmm.. now when I look back, my planning has made me quite tensed and almost always I just accomplished a compromised version of my goals. Maybe we should just let destiny take us where we ought to be. They say the one without any goals will always achieve his goal. I do agree that walking on the beach is so pleasurable and peaceful precisely because one doesn't have a destination to go to or an appointment to keep.

But master, Is it practical to live the present moment without any pragmatic thinking? Being an adult I need to show presence of mind and become responsible isn't it? I just can't let things around me lie untended. If I don't complete my work then won't it affect everything around me? If I don't worry about the world, who will? 

Guruji: Fishes don't control the water current. Liberating, is the present moment...

Oh I see! so I am taking up unnecessary responsibilities is it? and maybe I am even interfering in other's lives? Not giving them the freedom to choose their ways. In fact, with hindsight, I feel people have hinted that some times but I just didn't pick the signal.

Now master, they say even animals live in the present moment. They are not driven by emotions, feelings, intellect and memory like us. Even babies live in the present moment. Will it suit me to live like them? Will it behove a human being to start living like animals?

Guruji: It's not the mode, but look at the intent. See the Free-ness in the present moment...

Every argument of yours is convincing master, but somehow I am not able to bring myself to live such a free-thinking life. I want to be involved, though I feel caged in my thoughts all the time.

GurujiSavour your life, before it is spent.. By living fully, every present moment..