"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

Very many centuries ago, a dazed hairy being, half-human half-animal, may have wandered out of his shack, into the forest, towards the dying rays of the setting sun. He wouldn't venture too far from the fire that kept him warm yet in that short walk he would make a discovery, which would connect him to another dazed half-human half-animal, who would blog about him on this day.

The straying hominid would have stumbled upon a bush with sharp, pungent smell. He may have plucked some leaves and brought them back to the bon-fire to investigate. While looking at it, some leaves may have slipped and fallen into the pot of boiling water. His curiosity may have been stoked so much that he took a sip of that water, and lo! behold! he just had the most refreshing drink known to humans even to this date.

Today, Me, another 'nothing-more-than-a-hominid', also strayed into the kitchen, towards the blurring rays of a dim kitchen bulb and thrust my hand at whatever was in my reach. Coincidentally, it had a pungency that made me take it closer to the light. When I turned over the box to read its contents, a tea bag slipped out and fell right into the boiling water on the gas. Something in me aroused and I couldn't stop myself from pouring that mixture into a cup and sipping it right away. It was very bitter at the outset, but soon changed into a strange and sweet after-taste that took me back into time immemorial...

Why does sipping raw platonic tea, feel like a breath of fresh air when we have so many varieties of modern tea versions out there? As civilized beings we have consciously thrust ourselves onto new frontiers, we have come a long way ahead but why is there a feeling to go back to basics now? It wasn't God or anybody else that complicated our lives, we did it with our own hands and our own intents and purposes, then why does simple living beckon us again? What is with that 'Level Zero' which calls out to our hearts no matter which Level we are on and the heart yearns to answer it?

Our ancestors became human when they came down from the trees, and as advancing humans we built skyscrapers and climbed up again. Yet, there is something in the ground that pulls us down, whenever we get too far from it. Newton called it Gravity; I wouldn't disagree with his greatness, yet I feel its a more grave attraction than just a physical force; something of an earthly bond that not just impels but also compels us to stoop down to it, though we know we are going to be one with it... one final day.