"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

Much hyped match, they compared it to a war, all eyes of the nation focusing on it, a million hearts beating as one, every small victory is cheered vociferously and finally... WE WON! Cricket is one game that unites all Indians. People from different walks of life were there to celebrate in unison. Joy rained down all corners.

There will be parties all night. People will be on the streets - drinking, eating and dancing to loud music. The next morning all streets will be littered with wine bottles, snack leftovers and cigarette butts. For next few days, school kids are going to trip on them. But never mind... WE WON!

We like noise in our celebrations. There were crackers bursting late into the night. The unlucky street-mongrel again had a bomb tied to its tail and running around haplessly to the joy of the excited youth. A few rockets went astray scaring the hell out of unsuspecting families. But never mind.. WE WON!

There was talk of war on the pitch. Fans on both sides put slogans intimidating one another. Pre-match statements swore of revenge. Emotions run so high that additional security needed at the venue. Is this going to help the peace process between the countries in any way? But never mind.. WE WON!

"Carrom Ramvanu, Juice Pivanu, Majja ni Life.. " - Munnabhai, M.B.B.S

Humor is the spice of life, Happiness its essence. All our efforts in life are like streams which eventually run towards the ocean of Happiness at the bottom of which, lies pearls of joy hidden in oysters of pleasure-filled moments - moments of togetherness, moments of success.

But then, we see incidents today that confuse the idea of what happiness is all about. Is happiness just superficial today? If not, then why does the whole world think Money is the root of happiness? what happiness is a suicide bomber seeking in his mission? What bliss do people living in slums achieve by bearing dozens of kids? How is happiness connected to beauty pageants, fashion trends and high-profile parties? What is the joy in watching a horror movie or a murder mystery? Is there pleasure in enjoying a non-veg meal while being aware that a life was killed for it? What joy do we achieve in taking our kids to the zoo and teaching them to enjoy the sight of caged wild animals? Is a higher paying job necessarily leading to a more happy life?

Where is the real "Majja ni Life" in today's times?
Alien Kid : Wow! the ship is so awesome.
Old Alien : Don't jump around too much, let it grow into you. And avoid the outskirts.. there no gravity out there.
Alien Kid : Hey! Isn't that the blue berry you told me about? Where the funny creatures live right?
Old Alien : Yeah! don't peep so hard out of the window. Come inside and look at my screen here... (after a pause and some excited noises from the kid) They used to call it Earth. Not sure if they still call it the same, those crazy beings! Now, make sure you watch them just for fun and not learn anything from them.. even by mistake. Their habits are precarious..
Alien Kid : So what do they do? why do you say they are crazy?
Old Alien : Because they spend years searching for life throughout the universe, while losing respect for life on their own planet. They invent new things so fast that they never have time to settle down with what they have. They have a handy tool called Science which they like to use to make their life secure but finally end up living in paranoia and use it to scare each other. They have another tool called God which they use as a shield when Science doesn't work for them.
Alien Kid : Hey.. wait until they see my tool - the Zorg Eliminator. I will fire my lasers and destroy them. Wham wham wham!!
Old Alien : But why would you want to destroy them? They didn't do anything to you..
Alien Kid : Not to me, but I can see they are spoiling my blue-berry.
Old Alien : Don't worry - they are not strong enough to spoil your berry. The best thing about them is that they are self-destructive. We can just sit here and watch the fun. They have so much of intelligence that they dont let their humility and patience control it. Their smartness has driven them so crazy about progress and growth that they dont know where to stop, and with every passing moment they are pushing their limits to a point of no-return. They have created an ecosystem where each of them fights a daily battle of survival. And finally they become they so battle-hardy that its easy for them to embark on bigger and bigger wars..
Alien Kid : And how long should I wait for it? Will that happen soon? When will I get my berry for myself?
Old Alien : Oops, Patience kid.. Did you forget our foremost rule - Real life is beyond all time!
Alien Kid : Oh sorry. Hurry brings worry.. I will just wait and watch. They started the lessons only recently and I am still practising. But one day, I will become like you - I will get beyond all sense of time and live life purely in dimensions of realization and imagination.
Old Alien : Yeah.. and at that point, you wouldn't really care how blue is your berry anymore!
As a toddler, he had drowned in the bathtub. When the mother found him, he was half unconscious and water had seemingly filled his lungs. The neighbors thought he was a 'gone case' but a miracle happened.. frantic back-rubs had coughed him back to life..

When he was nearly ten, he had got lost in the crowd. The family had been on an outing and he had slipped out of his mother's grip. They had panicked and searched for him in the bustle of the big fair. The family thought he was a 'gone case', but a miracle happened.. they found him standing at the same store where he had cried so much for the toy car.

When he was a teenager, he was sent on his first inter-city trip.. alone! The relatives who were supposed to receive him did not turn up on time and a drunk stranger had offered to give him a ride. When the relatives came, they didn't find him and heard he had been taken. His relatives thought he was a 'gone case', but a miracle happened.. when they went home they found the stranger had actually dropped him correctly at the right address.

At college, he had falsely got dragged into a dispute with a lecturer and was called to the principal's office to face disciplinary action. His friends thought he was a 'gone case', but a miracle happened.. the lecturer had had a change of mind and had relieved him even before matters went to the head office.

When finishing college, he had all the good marks but no confidence to face interviews due to his stammering. His project guide had stepped up at the last moment to convince him with the simple truth that his disorder was more a block in the mind than any real disability and this counselling had hugely corrected his confidence. His teachers thought he was a 'gone case', but a miracle happened... He was the first person to be placed in his batch.

At work, he had had a few distractions. He had hastily jumped into relationships and had strayed away from the right direction. He committed some serious blunders and had been put on line for observation and a possible lay-off from his job. His colleagues thought he was a 'gone case', but a miracle happened... the world had gone into recession and his managers had lost focus on him and he had escaped through the "back door"..

Since then he had had an exciting career - working his way up the ladder, received accolades for various jobs well done, been admired for his creative skills and earning a small fortune for himself. He had been the pride of his family and a respected member of the community. He had been a role-model for his youngsters until one day his fate had taken a sharp turn.

He had told his friends that for many days he had started feeling like a dead body lying in a graveyard called society and his material achievements had created expectations which, like vultures, were nibbling away at his soul. He had succumbed to a crazy thought which he said 'was required to come out of the hollowness within'. He had had strange delusions of reality and had left everything and walked out in search of the truth. Everyone, now, thinks he is a 'gone case' but.. hasn't a miracle already happened?
Change cometh..
from corners unknown, horizons unseen,
from areas grey, from pastures green..

Change cometh..
with pain, with bliss, with gain, with loss,
with love, with luck, with pitch and toss..

Change cometh..
from wandering mind, from struggling heart,
or from a wish to do it again from start.

Change cometh..
to bring a climb or to affect a fall..
to scrub, to scratch, to cleanse it all,

Change cometh..
to plunge, to jump, to swim, to drive,
to rise above or to take a deep dive..

Change cometh..
to halt, to check, to push, to speed,
to not stop to cry and just proceed!

The change that comes, may it hold sway!
to rock the heart and take the breath away!
Times are a changin!