"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

So many analogies for relationships, "Its like quick sand, once you get in, you keep getting sucked in", "its like a spider's web - the more you struggle to come out, the more you get stuck" and so on. I never really thought I would contemplate on relationships someday, but my own experiences forced me to.

I have always wanted to see life in one single dimension - the self. That was the only reality I could perceive and believe. Sometimes it felt like God gave us senses so we would always stay distracted from the soul, he gave us thoughts so we mess it up with our senses and create an illusory world to live in, he gave us a mind so we could stack it up with memories and always remain clinging to the past while also building up anxieties and remain fearful of the future. On top of all this, he gave us so-called intelligence which made us build an entire new dimension - Life was not just the self anymore, it was about relationships.

I have felt relationships are like strings attached to the soul but is it for good or bad, one can never tell for sure. Strings when tied to a guitar emit lilting tunes, a string when tied to a kite helps it balance and fly in rhythm with the wind, an ominous string tied to the wrist can be a protective talisman, a string around the base of a tent holds it firmly to the ground against cyclones but a string can bind and gag too. Strings are used by naughty kids to trip each other. Many strings tied together can form a net which traps prey. Strings when made into a rope are used to hang people to death or to chain convicts to their prison bars. In what way a relationship binds the soul, one can never say.