"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

[While traveling in the bus]

The Dad: I have seen really bad days. Gone without food, no money to pay for school. We had a very underprivileged childhood. I will never let my children face any of it.
The Friend: Yes! thats what makes us responsible men, when we fend for our wife and children.
The Dad: Not just fend, I even sacrifice all my comforts so my children can enjoy a comfortable childhood and they should be proud of what their parents did for them..

But more than his children, he was proud about it, and he had the right to be. Why not? Many people in India have similar stories of rags to riches and his was no different. My dad! Biological father! Daddy dearest.. born and brought up in an extremely poor background, but today owned well valued assets. He did not ride any wave of luck nor did he accept any favors. Whatever he achieved was through decades of sheer hard-work. 

[At a marriage function]

The Dad: I have earned so much money that my children could sit at home and eat. They dont need to work and slog and ruin their lives like we did.
The Relative: Wow. what a great parent you have been!

"My kids can sit at home and eat" - that is the sound made by the trumpets of most Indian parents, I guess

[At a family get together]

The DadMy children do not have to worry about their survival. Its all set and done for them. Their lives shall be cozy. They can sit at home and eat all their lives.
The Uncle: Your children are really lucky. They should be so proud of you

[Over a coffee table discussion]

The Dad: You know? I am going to give the most royal life to my children. They will never need to dirty their hands like I did. They can sit comfortably at home and eat all their lives.
The Neighbor: You are a super-star man. How nicely you have planned for your children's lives.

Then one day I completed my studies and came home with my degree.

My Dad: So son, from tomorrow your campus interviews will start. Are you prepared well for it?
Me: No Dad. I am not interested in working. I slogged so much for this degree. I am tired now. I just want to sit at home and eat, all my life.
My Dad: Shut up! Are you out of your mind? You lazy bum. If you want to sit at home and eat, then don't stay in my house and embarass me. Get out!