"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

She wore gems and crystals,
She used gold to show off her style,
I wish She had realized that
All I wanted Her to wear.. was a smile.
A smile is the most widely, easily as well as cheaply available jewelry that one can wear. Its available on the spot, on the go, drive-through, however you prefer it to be delivered. And what's more - Nature has already custom designed it to suit your face, your attitude, your nature! God's Nature shines all around us, our nature shines through our smiles. Man created countless ornaments to decorate the body with, but all of it fall dull if not backed by the afterglow of a smile.

Your smile is not even a burden that you need luggage to carry it. Unlike market prices, its value never fluctuates or diminishes. It travels with you invisibly, following you like a shadow, accompanying you with every breath, always ready to appear at your summons. By using no energy at all, and engaging just a handful of muscles, its one of the least demanding of bodily actions. Even sleeping or sitting uses more body energy than smiling.

How many times have you smiled today? Not just a perfunctory or forced smile. A natural and frank one.

Smile carries a magic in it. Its a universal language. You can 'speak it' in any part of the world, and you don't need a script for it. In that respect, its synonymous with music, which transcends the limitations of spoken tongues and dialects. Learn to smile frankly, and you carry the music of your soul with you.

A philosopher once said, "Life is a sexually transmitted disease." Well! If life be a disease, then Smile is its most infectious symptom!

The language that we speak changes with times, slangs develop, but nobody ever came up with a 'slang-smile'. There is no dictionary for smiling, yet everyone understands its meaning. If everyone spoke the language of smile properly, there would be no illiteracy in this world, as I would call it. There are no puns, no vulgarity, no satire, no double-meaning, no misunderstanding in a smile. Its meaning can't be expressed yet it carries all the emotions single-handedly, from the innocence of an infant to the charm of an grand-parent.

Go out on an early morning, choose a silent place, stand tall in the chill weather, face the rising sun, close your eyes, open your arms wide, take a deep breath... and smile. You will feel something smiling back at you.. try to guess what it is!