"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

Jaayenge kahan soojtha nahi
Chal pade magar raastha nahi

Kya Talaash Hai
kuch pata nahi...

Just the fact that Mr. Guru Dutt (real name: Vasanth Padukone) was born in a Bangalore Konkani family could have made a strong case to register him close to my heart, yet the aura of his perplexing persona, left a feeling of deep connection, way beyond all birth-marks.

His were the eyes that aspired, from behind the camera, to scale new cinematic heights and conspired, while in front of the camera, to plunge the unexplored emotional depths. Whenever he cracked the armor of passion, the world hailed his tragedy, yet they failed to 'read between the cracks'. There was an element of defeatist rage in every victory that he seemed to pursue. His legacy is counted amongst the brilliant stars of his generation, yet he spent his final days in solitude and despair.

It is said that we are all like unhatched chicken; we live couched in small eggs of our own and never having seen the outer world, we struggle to adapt to the dark and dank world inside the shells (of the world we think we know). Guru Dutt was probably that chick, which kicked and fret so much that it ended up cracking its world (read: egg) and as a result, catch a glimpse of the 'light' outside. He was probably trying to say something to us. Well! nobody understood.

Some birthdays will be always remembered, especially of lives lived in such a way that, in all possibility, will never again be reborn or recreated in this world...

Happy Birthday, Vasanth!