"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

ESPN and Star Sports have just announced 120 days of live, explosive cricket action. On the side, they are already serving generous doses of Football and Tennis. If you don't like that, switch the channel and lo! news media have a new breaking news every hour to keep you hooked. Daily Soaps and Reality Shows come up with new twists and turns every day. Turn off the TV and newspaper beckons you with its myriad columns of glittering words. Throw aside the newspaper, and the mobile beeps with sms from friends or with a scandalous fortune of winning a lottery draw. Switch off the cell phone, and some blaring music from the neighborhood will beg for command your attention. Get on to your laptop to divert from the music, and social networks and email lure you into their dragnet. Bang aside the laptop and go sit in your porch and a neighbor would summon you for some crispy hot gossip. Go out to take a walk in fresh air, and new models of cars and bikes zip by rousing your curiosity and vanity alike. In the little relaxed time that we may find, a tired mind either slumps helplessly to sleep or starts recoiling on the day's tragedies, missed chances, rants and raves...

In today's times, there is always some food for our attention isn't it? No wonder today's kids suffer from attention retention disorder.

Where the hell is the real "Boredom"? The one for which there is absolutely no alternative at all. The one that doesn't offer any options. The one that feels like solitary confinement. The one that frustrates the creative mind so much that the juice of a reflective spirit is finally squeezed out of it. The one that creates so much loneliness that the inner voice can't be ignored anymore..

Boredom was a precious gift from God, created for those who aren't inspired enough to focus their attention on self-reflection, on their own. Today's times took this precious gift away from us.

"Such are the times that even a mirror doesn't show one's true reflection. It only serves to provoke the awareness of how others see us"