"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

Breaking news
  • Series of co-ordinated car bombs heard across Baghdad. Iraq resounds with the wails and cries of relatives and friends.
  • Sporadic riots sparked across Syria. Rebels and army fighting on the streets. Civilians take cover from flying projectiles. 
  • Rockets and bombs rain down upon Turkey. Streets filled with rubble and bodies.
  • Mobs and crowds are out on the streets of Greece. All over Europe businesses are affected, offices and schools closed and normal life thrown out of gear.
It's time for despair.
Blasting news
  • Series of co-ordinated bombs heard across various cities of India. The streets resound with shrieks and screams of its children.
  • Sporadic acts of hooliganism sparked across India. Youth are seen chasing each other, shouting and booing. Elders and ladies take cover behind their house windows. Mongrels seen hiding in gutters.
  • Rockets and bombs spark under the Indian sky. Streets are filled with debris and garbage.
  • Crowds swelling in various towns across India. Businesses closed, offices and schools shut down, normal work life thrown out of gear.
It's time for diwali.