"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

20-Dec-2012. 23:30 hrs. Somewhere along the konkan coast, a lonely soul sits up on his bed.

"It's absurd," he thinks, "All those doomsday theories are bull-shit! How could the world suddenly end tomorrow? A meteor wiped out the dinosaurs, but the world has gladly survived. Volcanoes, storms, tsunamis, nuclear bombs, they all tried their hand, yet the world just continues to roll on. How could everything end in one day?"

"But then..." he ponders. He gets up and tries to walk to the hall. His paralyzed legs give way and he collapses to the floor, smashing his nose. He drags his body, crawls into the hall, cranks up his neck just enough to gaze at his dead mother's portrait. "She meant the world to me. She was my arms and my feet. She even supplemented my failing eyesight. Maybe it is right that the world can appear to be destroyed in one sweeping moment." He slumps to the floor beneath the portrait, and urinates in his pants. Blood, tears and urine, all mix their warmth to remind him of his mother's touch.

"Yet the world as such cannot end tomorrow. It is not at all possible. The society is working so vigorously. Everyone is going about their lives. Family ties are still so strong..."

"But then... " he recalls how irrational people have been since his mother's demise. How the neighbours have deserted him. How relatives relentlessly eye the property. How his nurse took a short leave a week ago and never come back. He was losing hope faster than his breath. "Maybe the world should come to an end. Things can't continue like this. Humanity has died already. What is absurd is not the sudden end, but the survival of the world itself."

He continues to crawl and reaches the balcony. He drags himself up the low balustrade and balances shakily on it. He overlooks the glimmering city from his eleventh floor view. "Oh! how beautiful it looks from up here. Those moving jewels of lights on the garland of the streets. Take away the faces and the world is so beautiful. Its contours are so sexy. How I wish this world never ends... never..."

Right then, a blast of warm air rises from the city below and caresses his cheeks, reminding him of the spirit of his mother. A vision of his mother begins to float in the wind. He closes his eyes before she could fade away. He leans forward to feel more of that air.

21-Dec-2012. 00:00 hrs.

A soul plunges to his death. A world comes to an end.