"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

Jack and Jill met up the hill,
with faces as pale as water...

Their eyes meet and hearts speak. Jill feels chill, Jack is a broken shack. In the muted tension of haphazard sighs, their heartbeats speak very similar stories -  of struggle, and hope against hope. Drawn against the same background of pain, their portraits seem to match well.
For Jill, life had been an uphill task. Marriage was a dream that quickly turned into a nightmare. It was so impossible to be herself. Culture, Tradition, Rituals were just some of the labels stamped on her and she had to abide by so many rules. Husband was never a friend-in-need and children sucked, right from day one. For Jack, it was downhill all the way. He had fought to reach the top, but family took it all away. 'Work-life balance' was what they called it, the words which strangled his career and creativity. 
In the middle of the hill, Jack and Jill bonded. Jill opened her frill and Jack, his flashback. The wind blasted sand onto their thoughts, yet they stood their ground, savouring the warmth in each other's breath. 
In his eyes, Jill is ill due to the lack of a Jack. In her eyes, Jack is slack without the will of a Jill.
For him, Jill seems the pill of his troubles. For her, Jack seems the track to her liberation.
Many are the relationships, forged in the furnace of pain; mating, not out of compatible sensibilities, but from a common enmity towards a dreaded past. Their hates and dislikes are queerly complementary, not necessarily their wants and needs. Hope, which is impulsive, and dream, which is temporary, begins to bind them. Oodles of opportune sex help to seal the deal. 
Jack basks in the thrill of meeting Jill, and Jill revels in sharing the horseback with Jack.
In the heated romance on the hill of life, one thing is conveniently forgotten - their paths were not the same. Both wanted freedom from pain, but their approaches were quite opposite. Jack was sliding down, trying to escape from the bottom, while Jill was struggling her way up, hoping to take flight at the top. Frivolous mind and passionate heart fall prey to the subtleties of pain, and wantonly succumb without even putting up a fight.
In the days to follow, subdued differences come to the fore. Jill expects more understanding on the part of Jack, and Jack blames Jill for not cooperating with him. The same emotions that they gorged and indulged at one point, now come back to constipate them. They shit and fart at each other. Jill grills and Jack smacks. Apple of the eye becomes sand grain in the eye. They realize that the hill on which they stand looks green only from afar. Hallow ground becomes hollow ground. The folly of human affairs stands tall between them, and they don't see each other clearly anymore. And much before the cows return home, Jack packs his back, and Jill fills her bill. As the mendacity of human mind would have it, they, as always, yearn to move on. Pain reclaims its territory.
Jack fell down, broke his crown,
and Jill came tumbling after...

Long have the saints sung, that humanity is cursed to find only the expressions of love, never its value.