"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

Writing, for me, follows the pattern of a waterfall. First, the ideas float about in the mind, like wavelets playing with the beams of mind's inner light. Then the water reaches the 'eye of the fall' where it shines one last time, before beginning its descent onto restless fingers dancing on the stream of paper below. Words spring up, bringing color to the medley of thoughts, like a rainbow flashing across the cascade. 

When one writes, it brings joy. An author lost in the reverie of her writing is like a child leaving paper boats in the rainwater puddles. Though they float around aimlessly, watching them gives her immense glee as they are her creation. For that moment, the puddle is her world.
But there is more to world than just the puddle. When our writes go out into the world (instead of being confined to private diaries), it's like letting those boats into the stream instead of the puddle. The author may want to protect some boats, as precious collectibles or private affair, but she has to remember that boats are meant to float away, out into the ocean.
The art of publishing (save for the commercial aspect) is like the wind. It sees authors as flowers, laden with pollen, full of ideas. When a book is published, it's the wind carrying the pollen out into the horizon, so that they may impregnate other flowers and, as a result, create beautiful gardens all over the landscape. When an author lets someone publish her writes, for her it's like leaving paper boats into the stream, but for the earnest publisher, it's pollen scattered onto the wind.
I believe each of you who read this post has ideas worthy of being boats. Let's leave it to the world to decide if they are pollen enough.
Nivedita is looking out for articles to include in Nivasini's upcoming anthology (look up details here or here). See if you have a boat to drop in her stream. If yes, then why don't you go ahead and let your boats out into the ocean? You never know when it may go save someone struggling on a barren island.
PS: It may appear I am doing this for Nivedita, but I guess (through Nivedita) I am trying to do this for all those writers who deserve to have their voice heard.