"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

Guruji closed his eyes, took a deep breath and let loose the sermon.. "Every sensation that happens in the fortress of your body has a karmic causality in it. If it's a pleasurable sensation, then it is a result of some good act from the past, and likewise any detestable sensation is a result of an intentional evil act. Every act leaves a residue in karma, and it finally comes back to burn out through sensations."

Guruji paused, to survey the calm faces of his students and started again, "When we react to our sensations, we are sowing seeds of karma which will come back to bear fruit again. Our mind reacts by taking sides of like and dislike. This is the fuel of the karmic engine. Equanimity is a balance of mind; a balance which keeps the mind insulated from reacting. When the mind does not react, karma evaporates and doesn't loop back. Through every sensation, big or small, karma constantly burns out, and when the mind does not react, it starts to run out. The moment all karma is burnt, the soul is liberated for good."
A student questioned, "But isn't our mind built to react Guruji? How do we take out such a basic function of the mind. How do we kill its fundamental power? If not in full measure, it will react in some small way or the other" 
Guruji: "My child. Only in the rare case where the mind is totally out of control, I recommend you use an image or thought of some God to focus it upon. Use that God to calm your mind and distract it from that reaction. But mind you, I don't recommend using a distraction all the time. It is only at rare moments, and a real God will always come to your rescue. Once the mind is focused, leave the God aside and return back to calm blankness - the state of true equanimity"

The students went home, and continued their practise. One of them starts his meditation, ignoring sensation after sensation. He is able to fend off most of them, yet one itch makes him cringe everytime it erupts. He is just not able to stop himself from scratching everytime it appears. The student is not aware that he has almost burnt his karma away, and is only one sensation away from liberation. The last one always has a way to make it difficult. He tries to meditate deeply, yet the itch kept inviting reaction. He tries to think of a God, and then a Goddess, and then yet another God. Nothing works. The itch always manages to break down his focus. He gives up and decides to take a break. He turns on the TV. Incidentally, there is a cricket match going on and Sachin Tendulkar is batting on ninety-nine. The cricket fanatic that he was, he waits breathlessly, like thousands other fans, for that last run. He watches.. as the bowl is bowled, and as Sachin hits his signature cover drive. At that very moment, as the ball races towards the boundary, with the student lost in revelry, the itch appeares again and dries away. The student's karma voids. In the stadium, Tendulkar raises his bat and looks up at the sky. A star shines brighter than usual.

In another humid corner in southern part of the country, another student gives up on his meditation and switches on the TV. Incidentally, a Rajnikant movie was playing...