"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

The case had left the police dumbfounded; never had they seen a kidnapping so perfect, so bereft of clues. Absolutely nothing on the kidnappers, only a ransom letter, and that too had come in the mail, neatly typed. There were no witnesses to be questioned nor any mobile calls to be traced...When the parents and police had reached the informed spot with the ransom money, all they found was a deserted shrub, some poisoned leftovers and the dead boy.
No leads whatsoever - no fingerprints, no weapons, no cigarette butts, nothing. The police even had no suspicious activity to begin with - the boy had been so silent in the past few years that he had neither friends nor enemies. There weren't any perceived threats to the family too. 

On paper, it looked like a perfect case of kidnapping, yet the police kept wondering why the kidnappers walked out on the ransom. Postmortem didn't reveal any signs of torture either. The police would ponder helplessly on the case until it tested their patience and they would shut it into their archives and move on. The distraught parents would slowly but surely slump back to their life, cursing their fate and blaming their God for letting the kidnappers remain unknown.

And that 'unknown' was indeed the real nature of the case. Nobody would ever know that the real poison which killed the boy, was not in his stomach, but in his mind - it was depression. He had not died that night, rather had been dying slowly and painfully over a long period of time. His most beloved parents, who failed to notice the life ebbing away from his soul, would never be able to guess that the kidnap was actually a suicide, planned in such a way that the parents wouldn't be blaming themselves all their lives..

PS: The middle-aged professional is no more the favorite prey of depression. Young minds, out into the world for the first time, fresh from the comfort of home, are soft targets for depression. Adolescent suicides are on the rise.
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