"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

A man does not esteem a woman who is easy to get, nor does he pursue endlessly one that he will fail at; what really interests him is the one who is difficult to obtain.
- Kamasutra, Part 5, Chapter 1

Boy smiles at girl, she smiles back. Boy says "Hi, Goodmorning," girl replies "Hi." This goes on for few days, until he finds her alone at the lunch table and joins her. She hesitates but smiles back. Over lunch they exchange mobile numbers and very soon the boy is in touch all the time. He confesses his life issues and evokes her emotional responses. He declares that now they share not just lunch but even "sympathy" and "mutual understanding".

Alas! this is a fast-food generation, even relationships are made at drive-through speed.

Boy now meets girl at her desk. He begins to get very concerned about her issues. He puts his hand around her shoulder to assure her, caresses her head to soothe her tired mind. Girl is more bashful now.

One day he suggests, "Why don't we go on a long drive and take a break from our hectic world?" Shy smile again. He takes her hand and drags her to the car. And no sooner have they started the drive, he blurts out, "I love you. I like everything about you. I want to experience you fully. Shall we go home and talk about it?" She asks why go home for that, and he implores her. He tells her about how he has been dying to feel her "warmth". Shy smile again. He tells her all his sexual fantasies and how he dreams of doing them with her. Shy smile abruptly stops. "I didn't realize you had these intentions. I am sorry for ignorantly leading you into this. You know I am committed. Sorry I can't go ahead with this." She leaves, slamming the car-door on his face.

For few days, there is silence. Girl lives in guilt, boy lives in frustration.

Then a message from him, "I am sorry. I didn't want to hurt you.".
Girl: "It's fine
Boy: "I still love you."
Girl: "Please don't do that again. I don't want to go there. I am sorry for what I got into."
Boy: "Ok. Don't feel sorry. I am fine. Let's just be friends. I will manage with that."
Girl: "Hmm... "
Boy: "Can we forget all that we did and be like old times? Can we meet for lunch like we used to?"
Girl: "I am not sure. But I don't want to snub you. You were not a bad guy after all... OK.. let's meet."
Boy: "Say that with a smile please.. "
Girl gives a smile.. a shy smile!
In the boy's mind.. "After all the drama that happened, she still agrees to meet me, and smiles too. Even an animal wouldn't come back once it has been hurt badly. Either this girl is stupid, or she is throwing me a challenge - telling me that I have to work hard to get her. I strongly feel it is the latter.. Let me use a different approach now!"

Alas! It is in the boy's interest to assume the latter, as a wise sage had pronounced two thousand years ago - men are turned on by challenges!