"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

The traffic moved at snail's pace. I murmured a curse on the city and its population, and grudgingly waited on. As I looked around, scanning people's faces and perusing the dirty compound wall beside me, a small huddle caught my eye. There was a bunch of them - winged Indian cockroaches - crouched in a dingy corner at the bottom of the stinking wall. A poet may well see them as Spartans forming a phalanx, but one could not deny the gut-wrenching awkwardness of the bony whiskers and spiny legs, bristling against each other. But right at that moment, something came over me; neither was I complaining about the traffic jam nor was I going katsaridophobically restless. Surprisingly there wasn't the trypophobic itch too!

Seeing the cockroaches crowding over each other, suffocating in that gloomy corner, lined with faeces all around them, suddenly gave me such a boost that it just wasn't time to crib over the traffic anymore. 'Oh! what wretched scum of the universe,' I smirked. It was time for redemption. Unmindful of the traffic, which had come to a halt, and even the drizzle that had began, I was basking in superiority complex.

The (self-proclaimed) crown of creation - one that the Gods seemingly fashioned in their own image - peering down upon measly, miserable creatures whose life was nothing short of worthless. I smirked again!

I watched the roaches as they scurried around without purpose. Some tried to move out of the hole, pondering around, dipping their detestable antennae in the slush and going around aimlessly. I splashed a little water on them and they scrambled back into a huddle. 'Losers!' I thought, 'Not even smart enough to move out of that shit-hole. There's so much life on the other side of the wall. Silly things, rotting in this shit.'

Then I splashed a little water again, and it seemingly disturbed their unity. There was commotion and they scattered. The larger ones stomped over the smaller ones. Some large ones seemed to clash and bite each other. Most tiny ones took cover in the cracks. Amidst them was a slightly discoloured one who crawled towards an opening in the wall and escaped through it. I smirked really hard at that sight.

Suddenly the traffic began to move. The guy behind honked hard and pulled me out of my reverie. I forgot about the roaches and began to look for a way through the huddled traffic. The drizzle hardened and the commotion worsened. Everyone was driving so close to each other. There was an aimless look on our faces as each of us tried to scramble and scurry through the mess. The big vehicles trying to make their way by scaring the smaller ones off the road. The rain began to pour and I tried desperately to find a way through. Suddenly I saw an opening in the traffic and I shot through it. And as I was going through, there was thunder, which sounded queerly strange that night, like someone in the heavens up above, smirked!
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