"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

DB:  Guruji! What the bloody hell is this independence day? I am sorry I can't celebrate a nonsensical concept. Humans draw up borders on the ground, break it into pieces, give it names, and then celebrate its independence. How can there be independence with walls all around us?
Guruji: Are you sure you really see beyond borders? Are you not bound anymore, by patriotism and community sentiments? Are you free from nationalistic passions?
DB:  Yes guruji. I certainly am free!
Guruji:  Well DB! You should celebrate independence day then...
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Jihad, in the holy Quran, is used with a sense of 'struggle' (and not 'war' or 'holy war' as the propogandists would have it). It is a struggle for emancipation - a thrust to attain the purity of being. Jihad is God's direction towards the path that leads closer to him, and it involves the use of force only in the form of defence - as the strength to stand steadfast against forces of evil - and only when unavoidable. The Quran speaks of two forms of Jihad:
  • Jihad-e-asghar - The lesser Jihad - struggle against oppressive forces on the outside. Force may be used, when needed, for sake of self-defense and for the defense of the weak.
  • Jihad-e-akbar - The greater Jihad - struggle against disruptive and delusionary forces on the inside.
True Jihad is the struggle to overcome temptations of sin, lust and ignorance. Its eventual goal is to attain the purity of a free soul - an independence from within.
May the day dawn upon us, when we all celebrate the true and real independence day!

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