"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

By Chance a Big Bang, 13.5 billion years ago, spewed material all over empty space

By Chance, debris and dust gathered, splintered, and re-gathered over millions of years to form galaxies, solar systems, and planets
By Chance, meteorites bombared a planetary system, 4.5 billion years ago, depositing water molecules on a certain planet
By Chance, a billion years later, that planet conjured up amino acids
By Chance, those molecules combined into life giving DNA strands
By Chance, evolution worked its way over millions of years to produce tool making bipeds

By Chance, sexual reproduction came into effect along the way
By Chance, humans formed certain communities; communities shaped certain nations; nations spawned certain cities; cities degraded into certain urban agglomerations
By Chance, an unwelcome girl child was born into a poor family living in one of those slums
By Chance, this country has child labour and she ended up in the dark bylanes yesterday night
By Chance, liquor shop was working overtime yesterday and hence too many drunks in the area
By Chance, the prostitutes were on strike on the same night
By Chance, she, and not other ladies in the vicinity, became the victim of a gang-rape

By Chance, the rape was forceful enough to kill her

And so you see my lord, it was sheer bad-luck for the poor girl! Anything in those billions of years could have missed its chance, and probably gone in her favour, but it didn't!