"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

This is not a review, per se, of the movie Gravity but an acknowledgement of the experience that it throws us into. The last time Gravity played its trick, about five centuries ago, it created a revolution that changed the world. An apple fell on Newton and the rest is history. Maybe the apple saw what was in Newton's mind and fell FOR him, and not ON him. Gravity, it seems, has enacted its trick again, and this time it fell UPON Alfonso Cuaron to pick up his pen and, seemingly at least in my case, revolutionize the way we saw the world.

When Dr. Stone drifts aimlessly in space with not a tether to hold on to, it makes that last blade of grass seem so precious. Gravity is not just a force that binds us to this Earth, it also binds us all together. We don't fall to the Earth, we are held there so as not to drift away.

Thank you Alfonso (the saint?) for showing that the absence of friction, which we only see as a corrosive and abrasive force in our life, is a lesson to how much our hearts need latching on. You showed us that drifting aimlessly is not a fantastic notion after all.

Gravity has always existed, and we have always taken it for granted, sometimes even to the extent of cursing it for its inescapable binding on us. But we forget that the stress of being bound is much more bearable than the hopelessness of being helpless.

Now about the movie, there seems to be a strange subtlety, which the creators may have been even unconsciously incorporated. Even though the tagline of the movie is 'Don't let go', the movie speaks fervently in terms of letting go. It as much advocates moving on, as it counsels about hanging in there. Thank you Alfonso, for doling out a multi-layered work as this one, for proving that one does not need many characters to show the many moods (which so emphatically underlines that each person is a microcosm in herself), for keeping the lines superficial and adding all the depth to reading between the lines, which is where the true essence really lies.

Words are only packages of distraction, of misdirected noise, and truth always lay in the silence, in the eternal silence of infinite space. At one point, Dr. Stone says she could used to that silence, I, for once, say that we don't have a choice but to get used to it, if we are to really find ourselves.
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