"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

In the whisper of the wind, I feel your caress;
In the softness of the bed, I feel your touch;
In the warmth of the blanket, I feel your hug.

Pray then, enlighten me please,
Why do I go to a temple looking for you?

In every act of love, I see your smile;
In every lucky break, I see your hand;
In every silent moment, I hear your breath.

Pray then, enlighten me please,
Why do I seek you out in prayers?

As I step into the future unknown,
Isn't it you who gives me hope?
As I struggle with shackles of the present,
Isn't it your strength that guides me?
As the past mires me ever deeper,
Isn't it you who breaks my night?

Pray then, enlighten me please,
Why do I still need proof of your existence?

You are both the dead of the night,
and the break of the dawn,
Yet why am I awake in one and asleep in another?
You are both the bestower of the good,
and creator of the evil,
Yet why one gives pleasure and the other pain?

You are the heart, the mind, the body, the soul;
You are time, space, and everything in between,
Yet why do I feel so fragmented, so disintegrated?
A certain me, one moment,
and another me, in another..

Why do I need the heavens to look up to you?
Why do I need words to reach out to you?
Why do I need time to chew your thoughts?
Why do I run around to feel your presence?
Why do I have any idea of perfection at all?

Pray, my Father,
enlighten me, please!