"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

Some movies are made purely to entertain, some to make money, some with a focus on selfish career motives, while some are a burst of creativity. PK could have easily fallen into one of those brackets had it not simmered with an undertone of innocence that struggled with the hunger pangs of an unfinished journey. There are many defining moments in this movie, and all of those fall in the categories mentioned above, save for one -  the moment when innocence asks wisdom, "can you take me home?" This moment is the real reckoning for a filmmaker who is probably more than what he knows about himself.

Yes, I watched PK, and this post is inspired by it. But it is not a movie review as it neither is an endorsement of the movie nor is its critic. I do not exhort you to watch the movie, or to avoid it. On the surface, PK asks questions about our perception of religion, but at a deeper level its a dig into our conception of God itself. In the childish portrayal of an alien wanting his spaceship remote control back, is the indication of the inner search that we all go through.
Don't we all go through moments when this world we are born into suddenly seems alien to us? When we see a brazen disregard to human dignity, a blatant disharmony of values, don't we feel like we don't belong here? At such moments, don't we yearn for escape? It may not always be in terms of death (though I am sure the thought of death has crossed the minds of all of us at some point) but an escape in some way? When we see picture of paradise - those photos of serene landscapes, of colourful markets, of wide vistas, lush mountains, sparkling clear brooks, cuddly pandas, or sleeping kittens - haven't we felt like being transported into that picture and merging into its tranquillity?
And then how we have pictured God? We have worshipped idols, visited temples, celebrated ominous festivals, and chanted prayers. But deeper within we have always felt the need to see God within us. Some say God is in the universal laws, some say its a personification of forces of Nature, some say its our very soul, our conscience, while some say its the idea of perfection within us. What are we to believe? They say God can be seen (or felt or experienced) only through faith or belief. Using intelligence or reason is flawed, say some, while others say, its blasphemy to His authority. Some say God is a higher power that needs to be revered, some say He is in our own selves and needs to be celebrated, while some say he is in the downtrodden and needy and ought to be realized through service. It seems like, in all this, God is a kind of means. A means to inspire moral behaviour to ensure a just society. Maybe that is what God wanted too. Is that why He created us? To realize His dream or so that we could sing His praises everyday? In that case, was His dream just to aggrandize Himself? Does God have a self? Or is it The Self?

I know my questions are going absurd. But without answers, how else can they go? PK too may finally be called an absurd movie, and relegated into the annals of entertainment - counting the money it earned rather than hearts it touched. Alas! that is what the industry needs, and probably that is what God needs too.

But having said that, is there a God who can take us home? The home where we truly belong. The place where dualities don't distract us and knowledge doesn't end into contradictions. The place where peace is not a thing to be sought and dignity is not a practice to be learnt. The place where we don't fear what awaits us at the next turn or where the next painful experience will come from. Is that our home? Is there a God that will take us to that home? I don't know. I know that I just want to be in a place where I can confidently say that "I know," no matter how trivial the matter. I don't even know if that feeling is right too, but I do feel very strongly that in each of us there lives a PK who is searching for the remote control to signal to our ships to come take us to the place where we call home, the place where we truly belong. I don't know if that really exists, but I do feel it's there somewhere. And if there is a God, then He ought to ferry us to that place.

Oh God! Are you there somewhere? Can you hear us? Can you take us home please?
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