"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

"Where am I to go, God?" Eve sighed as she looked up at the heavens, the place where she believed His voices were often heard from. Burly clouds hung about like huge tufts of moustache curled upon God's face. Every now and then the wind distorted their shapes as if His invisible hands twirled and twisted them in a mocking way.
"He does not seem to love me anymore. In those initial days, I was the apple of his eye. He swooned around me, sung songs, making music out of every object he laid his hands upon. Every waking moment he would spend with me. His every action seemed to have one objective - to make me happy," she sighed again as her fingers drew twisted circles on the seashore. "And then one day we learnt that I was born out of a rib that was broken out of him. Wasn't that supposed to make him happy? Why did he change all of a sudden then?"
"Every night when our bodies danced, we merged into one another; he hugged me so close that our breath seemed to merge too. We were like one body. There was just no separation. He so much wanted my body to be a part of his. Then why could he not accept me being created out of his rib?"
"Lately, all that he does is to stroke his chest and feel that missing rib. He brings me food but we eat separately. Our dance has lost its virility. He lies on his back at nights and stares at the stars and sulks. Neither is our love the same, nor is he the same," Eve took up a stick and started digging at the sand.
"Sometimes I get so upset that I want to run away. Or maybe dig a hole and bury myself in it. I want to disappear and see how much he looks out for me. But where do I run, God? There is no place he doesn't know. I wish there was someone who could shelter me away from him. You haven't created another one too, God! How mean of you to leave me no choice..." she looked up at the sky again.
The clouds had gotten darker and the wind heavier and moist. There was a ruffle in the bushes behind her. She turned back to find something slimy slithering up to her. "I am there for you darling," the voice hissed from behind the bushes, "I knew this moment would come. Don't you worry my dear. I will take care of you. Please come with me. Have no fear. Let me bring your happiness back. Let me show you an apple for your eye." Eve got up and, without a thought, walked towards the voice. The wind began to howl.
Some distance away a man could be seen walking into the sea.
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