"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

I did not notice the buzz as I was busy cherishing the exclusive space I had just created for myself. Having had my dinner at rocket-pace, I had galloped to my room, leaving all the chatty guests behind, and locked myself into my room. I had faked a migraine so that they won't follow me and disturb me in my room. Yes! I was alone, and I loved it. It was so peaceful. And then as I settled on my bed, with the pillow leaned against the wall, staring into the blank orange wall opposite, I saw it.. <Buzz>

I had not even cherished my peace for a few moments, and here was an intruder. <Buzz>. The sound was right next to me now.
I swayed my arms and tapped my ear gently. <Buzz> I turned around swiftly to catch its glimpse again but it evaded me. I knew my peace was not coming back to me until I got rid of this buzzer.
A little curious scan of the room and I spotted it - a mosquito, all intact with dotted legs and striped belly - flying behind the curtain. I swished the curtain aside, and it flew up towards the ceiling fan. My joints were lazy due to the heavy meal, and my brain was half-dazed, yet I could not relent. I have a thing for mosquitos, bloody detestable creatures, they boil my blood whenever they are around. Pests these!
I jumped up and swung at the fan, it flapped its wings. I jumped again, and it merely nodded its head. Then I stepped aside and switched on the fan. <Buzz>. It flew out behind the cupboard. I bent around and prodded a stick in that gap. <Buzz>. It flew up into the attic. I flung myself onto the bed, stood up on it, craned my neck and jumped across to shake the suitcases on the attic. <Buzz> It flew round and round around the room now. <Buzz> <Buzz> <Buzz> And I chased it around with leaps and bounds.
There was a buzz around the room. There was haphazard movement, yet it seemed like a symphony. Every buzz complemented by a step, and every step choreographed by a buzz. It seemed like a dance.
And then... <Buzz> Swat! Finally, my moment of victory. And the spoils? Just a meagre splotch of blood decorating the mahogany bed-frame.

I turned around and crashed into the bed. Phew!
And as I lay in bed, staring the blood stain and wondering if it could have been my blood, I realized, all of a sudden, that the room wasn't peaceful, or silent, or exclusive anymore. It just felt so lonely, and sullen, like a friend had died. Like something in me had died.
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