"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

"I don't understand why they do it? It's disgusting. Don't they have any power to reason? Are they humans or bloody cockroaches?" he got up from her lap, as if in protest. He looked at the roof, avoiding looking at the fan which squeaked and creaked as if chuckling at his disgust. She let out a smile too, not mockingly but adoringly. She loved seeing him at the height of his passions.

There was an erotic attraction, she thought, in his anger. It was raw passion - like a kamikaze jet, like an asteroid shooting straight for the sun. She loved making him angry just before they made love.
"But having a family is so natural to all of us," she tried to reason with him.
"Yes! I agree. It seems to be both biologically and spiritually programmed within us. Having children looks like a natural inclination, aimed at satisfying our basic need for social participation. Not only are we serving the needs of our species but also delivering our commitment towards societal contribution. Every parent believes their child will go on to positively impact society. But..." he stared at the fan now. The fan wouldn't stop creaking, though!
"But what? So why are you angry at those Syrians now?" she enquired.
"There has to be some bit of sense in people isn't it? These Syrians and Iraqis see death and destruction all around them. The ISIS are blindly killing anyone they can lay their hands on. How on Earth can people have children in such an atmosphere? Those terrorists are mad men. I don't understand why Syrian people are even getting married in such a place? Is the war zone a place to get married? I recently saw a video where several pregnant women were killed in a bomb-explosion at the maternity hospital. The war has been going on for 3 years now, and I just can't comprehend how those dumb nut ladies could get pregnant even in the middle of a war-zone."
What if those ladies were raped and got pregnant? The thought crossed her mind, but she did not wish to derail his thinking. She chose a milder argument. "What's wrong with getting married?" she jibed at him, "nobody waits for the war to get over. Every day life is a struggle, a battle in itself. Do we postpone marriages because vegetable prices are high? or gold rates? Governments fall, cyclones come and go, crime rates are always high everywhere, but people still get married."
"Fine. Marriage is okay. It's a war in itself, so let's not mix it up with the large scale war. But what is it about having kids yaar? Can't these bloody couples keep their sexual instinct in control? How can someone even be aroused in all that mess? Their houses are gutted, there is no food, even life is not secure. How can the guy even erect his dick when he is not sure if he will be alive the next day? I don't understand how men can find erotic streams in such dry weather?" he bent his head down, heaved a sigh, then continued, "what those cockroaches don't understand is that they are providing more feed to the inhuman bastards. As more families have children, the terrorists will only get more people to kill, won't they? How will the war even end? As long as there are people to kill, there will be killers around. Can't those fuckin' parents see that by not having children, they may actually deprive the terrorists of their ground?"
He raised his hand in the air, as if saying a prayer, "God, why do people just keep fucking around so blindly. I just don't understand." And he began to weep.
She could not let him slip further in to that thought process. She pulled him close, rested his face on her chest, and began massaging his scalp. He could sense the heave of her deep breathing. As he pulled her pallu to wipe his eyes, he saw her cleavage constricting and widening to her every breath. She had not worn her bra - she never did, whenever she came to see him - and he could see the smooth curves of her breasts all the way into her blouse. He jostled his face into her bosom and kissed between her breasts. She gasped.
Both looked at each other and smiled.
"I still don't understand how those Syrians can have sex when things are so bad. I am just so disturbed by all this..." he tried to feign a frown.
"Shhhh!" she closed his mouth with her palm, "we don't have much time left. My husband is going to be home in half hour." She smiled and ran towards the bedroom. He ran behind her. In the hurry he didn't even bother to take the pack of condoms from his bag.
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