"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

Go out at night and look up at the night sky. Experience its depth. It is not a canvas of shining stars that is waiting to enthral you; rather, it is a bottomless ageless void that is mocking at you. Mocking, not as in laughing to ridicule you, but to incite you to transform. To move beyond your limited and prohibitive human space, and enter its grandeur.

Space invites you into its ethereal domain, where nothingness and abundance interplay, where ephermerality seamlessly blends with eternity.
Look to Space as an answer to all that ills you.
Look at its vastness in dimensions of size and time, and let it make you aware of the vanity of your own existence. Your dreams, desires, aspirations, goals, your ego, do all these matter in the gigantic emptiness of Space? The changes you aim to bring to your world, the mark you want to leave behind, the messages you want to communicate, do they measure up to anything? Right in your own small world, time and tide will overrun everything you create or change. And Space is something you can't even touch. It's so much out of your reach. Millions of your people came and went, and Space still continues to be the same. The stars are where they are, the space between them remains almost untouched.
Let the vastness of Space heal the inflation of your ego.
Space speaks of silence, an unwavering frigid wall of calm resolve. It is so cold out there that even sound dare not enter. It is the silence of nothingness. In our world, empty vessels make more noise, but in Space, emptiness and silence not only go together but also are the only unperturbed constants. Your world is so full of noise, but none of that can reach even a few kilometres beyond you. Your world abounds in noises, some natural, some artificial. But they all finally lose their steam and succumb to the silence that pervades all of Space.
Let the silence of Space calm the noises of your mind.
Your world is so full of emotional baggage, with you being at the centre of it all. Your attachments, achievements, relationships, your people, your family, community, nation, your race, your species, your planet. So many thing that revolve around you and your life. Look at your place in Space. There is nothing that revolves around you. Your planet itself goes around a molten rock which sits on the fringes of the Milky Way galaxy, which in itself is drifting aimlessly amongst billions of other such galaxies.
Let the drift of Space free you from your worldly bondage.
Next time you are troubled by the world - your world - when you feel surrounded, inundated, overwhelmed, and you feel like shouting out, "Oh God! I need some space please," think a little more deeply, because the Space that will really solve your problems, for good, is not around you, or within you. It is out there...
Just crank your neck and look up. Up there lies your emancipation.