"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

JC sat under the tree in his classic pose - the pose that almost everyone recognized him in, the pose that was, so to say, his trademark. His long silken tresses dancing to the afternoon breeze, his kind eyes half-opened looking gently down upon the lamb that he, ever so delicately, caressed and cajoled. It was a picture postcard of love, compassion, and motherly affection. The lamb seemed to have a subtle smile on its face, like it felt safe and secure in JC's arms.

And secure it was, for all around the pasture, hidden behind the shrubs, were wolves, salivating and licking their paws, waiting to devour the lamb the moment it was out of JC's reach.
And JC knew it.
But JC also knew that his presence was not the solution. For one, he could not hold the lamb in his arms all the time - he had other chores to attend too; and then, this was not the only lamb in the pasture, there were so many out there, and on God's-good-Earth it was impossible to secure them all in his fold.
Now, the limitation was not from his side. He was, after all, the son of God, with angelic features and an indefatigable unimpeachable divine potency. He could shelter all the lambs, if he wanted to, and stand his guard till the end of time. But, as God-his-father had told him, that was not how the lambs were made. They had a mind of their own, and theirs was a life of frolic. They had to jump around, scamper onto unchartered grass and discover new pastures for themselves. By keeping them in his fold, JC would rob the lambs of their freedom.
Every lamb was born to be free, the God-his-father had told JC.
This had left JC a confused soul. His kindness towards the lambs conflicted with his obedience to his father's words. It was evident to him that the lambs if left free were clearly at risk from the wolves. The wolves were sly creatures, and had many tricks to trap the lambs. Sometimes they used brute force, but as the lambs grew cautious they began employing insidious tactics. They would appear under the garb of lamb-skin, mimic JC's expressions of warmth and entice his lambs into their den, where they would silently devour on the trapped lambs. Some desperate wolves still used brute force, but the other wolves would be quick to silence such despos in their pack. The wolves were masters of their game. In such a world of cunning wolves, the innocent lambs were no match.  
Tired and famished, JC looked up to the sky one day. "Why father, did you have to create wolves in the first place?"

"I did not, my child," moaned the heavenly voice, "Those were lambs at one time, and I had to give them freedom to take their own decisions. Over time, they chose the wrong path, darkened their souls and ended up being wolves."
"But why did they have to turn to preying upon my innocent lambs?"
"Forgive them, my child, for they know not what they are doing. They do not have clear knowledge of the darkness in their heart. Be patient with them," explained God-his-father, "Always remember to forgive, whenever there is lack of knowledge.."
"But then why did you have to make the lambs so innocent? Their innocence is their biggest weakness. And I have to forever be around them to guard them. Yes, I can guard them from the wolves, but how do I protect them from their own innocence? What was the necessity of the innocence father?"
"What you see as innocence, I see it as freedom, my child."
"Why did you have to give them that freedom, father?"
"I... I... I..." the father seemed to ponder. Then there was silence.
Many ages passed, until one day JC looked up to the sky and whispered, "I remember what you said... I forgive you father!" and went back to his signature pose.