"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

It was a crime of passion. Nothing less, I would say!
He suffered claustrophobic fits every night. He was not meant to be this way - he had all the power to break free, but he would not. He was trapped, not by they who put him here, but by himself, by his own love to see them happy. It seemed like they needed him here, in this dark and dank corner, and he accepted it for their sake.
Chintu was the most excited kid in the house, he felt like the king of the world, and he had every right to feel that way. It was his fifth birthday. Though it was only his fifth, he was already on seventh heaven. In Chintu's community, fifth birthdays were the most special and accompanied by maximum pomp and merriment. Every parent strived to make their wards' fifth birthday so special, like it was a once-in-a-lifetime occasion.
Raj had just reached the departmental store when his phone rang. He did not answer the phone. The street was noisy so he decided he would get into the store first. It was quiet in there. Moreover, once inside his son would get busy walking around and Raj could talk at leisure. Raj often came to this store as this was not so crowded. Most of the crowd went to the newly opened supermarket around the corner. Today he got his son along as the wife needed a break from the hyperactive kid. As soon as he got in, he called back.
In the vague emptiness of Space, drifting to a supposed ethereal rhythm, yet tethered by seeming gravitational laws, a happenstance planet called Earth hung about. It rotated and revolved, like a lost child looking around and running about in search of its parents. But, to a certain eternal intelligence, it may have seemed like a puppy, tied to a tree and running round-n-round haplessly, hoping to shake off the lice infestation that plagued it.
An elegant wooden arch was erected and flower garlands hung across trees and poles all around the busy traffic square. Crowds hung around in hundreds and the traffic had all but come to a stand-still. It was their superstar's birthday and the fans were not going to relent until they caught a glimpse of him. The sun burned down and traffic horns were deafening, yet the masses lined up happily for hours.
"Faith (Religion) and Reason (Science) are two wings that lift the human spirit towards truth."