"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

"Faith (Religion) and Reason (Science) are two wings that lift the human spirit towards truth."

A baby, weakened by sickness, lies on the hospital bed in a sprawling metropolis.

A middle aged man, weakened by hunger, lies on the gravel floor of a shack in a dusty town.

The doctors arrive, with a syringe in hand. They need the babe's blood.

The terrorists arrive, with a freshly whetted sword. They seek the man's blood.

Baby looks at the needle and is instantly terrified. It shakes its body, but is pinned down by the others around. It's hands and legs are pressed to the bed, while someone holds his head and blinds its eye.

Man looks at the sword and is instantly terrified. He convulses, trying to squirm, but is pinned down by the others around. His hands and legs are gagged, while someone covers his eye.

Baby does not understand why they inflict more pain, when it is already in much anguish. Can pain cure pain? It begins to howl in desperation.

Man does not understand why they hurt him, when it does not give them any benefit. Can violence cure a sick world? He begins to howl in despair.

A needle hungry for blood, sinks into human flesh.

A sword baying for blood, cuts through human flesh.

Both "tormentors" wear masks. Both learnt their TRUTH from books, that studiously taught them the right path. Both believe in the knowledge they were taught and now they KNOW they are on that right path as long as they judiciously follow the written word. They KNOW their knowledge is a cure for the world. The only difference being, while one set of tormentors comes from science, the other hails from religion.

I wonder to what truth are they lifting the human spirit to?