"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

As the lift doors closed, he looked at her with lust-filled eyes. Though he had a wife who filled his heart with love, he could not stop thinking of her. For days at end he tried to get over that attraction. But seeing her in office everyday only served to invigorate his fantasies.

His attraction towards her was palpable in some of his interactions, and her nonchalance had given him enough hint that she wasn't interested. In fact, she was in a committed relationship already. But none of that seemed to matter to his kundalini that kept coiling its way up his persona with every passing day.

He knew there was not even a remote possibility of it working out. And why would it? He was not even looking for a long term relationship.

Then one day, he just let it out. They were in the lift and the private moment totally got the better of him.

"I have been wanting to confess to you for a long time but I was so scared. But today I can't bear to withhold it anymore. I have badly fallen for you Shruti. Please understand my feelings."

There was silence. The lift opened and she walked away - without even turning to look back.

He knew he had fallen badly... in his own eyes.